Why isn’t anyone reading your blog posts?

your social media mogul blogYou know you have great content.  You are offering sound advice people can use.  You even offer valuable offers from time to time and links to other helpful websites.   You’ve compared your blog to your competitors and you know your blog is better than most, but your click-through rate is dismal.  No one is tweeting your posts or sharing  on Facebook.  You have the social share tool-bars – you are doing everything (or so you think).  Are you on the road alone?

So why isn’t anyone reading your blog posts?

Ask yourself this question:  If you saw one of your titles somewhere online, would it catch your eye and make you want to read it? (answer honestly)  If so –  what drew you to that story?  If not – why not?

I was browsing through some posts and have posted what I believe are some successful titles and why I think they are:

1) 6 Free Tools to Help You Diagnose and Recover from a Link Penalty  by Chris Dyson

I like this title because it tells me exactly what to expect from the blog post and I know it’s something I want to read about.

2)  Are your blog readers getting bored of you?  by Lilach Bullock

I like this title because I actually WANT to know if my blog readers are getting bored of me…  If you can come of with a title that questions, evokes an emotion of  your reader – you are on your way.

3)  5 Habits that will stunt your career growth   by Ritika Trikha

This title implies this post can provide inside information – perhaps some secret I may not know about – I can’t wait to read this blog post!

Some things these titles have in common:

  1. They’re ALL SPECIFIC – You know exactly what to expect when you read the post
  2. They ALL provide something for ME the reader
  3. They’re ALL in the active voice
  4. They’re ALL opinionated
  5. They’re ALL under 120 characters  Actually – the longest one is 75 characters.  If you want your post shared on Twitter, it needs to be 120 characters so it can be shared with a retweet.  I like to keep mine under 100 because I’m old school and I remember the RT, RT, RT, etc.  (Give me a fist bump if you remember those days!)

Now – I was GOING to share some titles of blog posts I didn’t find quite as appealing, but then I decided perhaps that wasn’t appropriate.  There are plenty of them out there, I’m sure you’ve read your fare share (or perhaps you ignored them).  So as you write your next blog post, keep these things in mind.

  1. Be Specific!
  2. Keep the Reader in Mind!
  3. Keep the Title in the Active Voice!
  4. Have an Opinion!
  5. Keep it Short!

8 Replies to “Why isn’t anyone reading your blog posts?”

  1. Nice tips Knikkolette. I see title mistakes A LOT on Triberr. I actually see titles like “You Shouldn’t Do This” or “You won’t believe this” (those aren’t actual titles, just examples). There’s zero description in titles like that and curiosity is pretty much limited to close friends and family. Someone coming across a title like that in a search is just going to move onto something that makes sense.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Brian. You are right, when the title is too ambiguous or has nothing to do with the content your blog is about, readers will either bypass your blog completely, or be mad once they do go to read the post because the title was misleading. You definitely want the title to reach outside of your inner circle.

    2. “Bored of you”???? Maybe “bored by you”.

      1. I suppose you are correct “Anonymous” I copied that title directly from another blog post so it wasn’t my place to change it.

  2. great post Knikkolette. I strongly believe in K.I.S.S. system while writing a blog post – keep it short and sweet 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! 🙂

  3. I agree the titls is very important because it is what makes you decide if you want to read the rest of the article. That is something that I am trying to work on. I use a headline analyzer tool. I find it to be very helpful. Thanks for your insights!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Maketta – I have not heard of a headline analyzer tool, but there are tools and widgets for just about everything these days! 🙂

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