Do You Use Your YouTube Playlist?

Do you use your YouTube Playlist?  You Should!

If you have a YouTube Channel, you should definitely create a YouTube Playlist to highlight your videos you want your audience to view the most. Otherwise, they will continue to move further and further down the queue and unless tagged properly, won’t get viewed as often as you want them to.  Why put your audience through the head-ache of sifting through your videos when you know your best content?

Here is an instructional video to show you how to create a YouTube Playlist:

The great thing about YouTube playlists is you can create several, show a few, or just show one.  It’s entirely up to you.  You get to showcase the videos you choose.  They are easy to edit so if you only want one playlist, you can add and remove videos as necessary.   Have you set up your YouTube playlist?


13 Replies to “Do You Use Your YouTube Playlist?”

  1. Nice tutorial Knikkolette. Sheryl just reorganized all of our videos (over 200) into our playlists. We’ve had playlists from the start but it wasn’t very well organized and many of the videos were in multiple lists. Now we have every video only in one playlist and they’re more focused.

    1. Thanks Brian. I can’t imagine having 200 videos! What an accomplishment!

  2. This is a reminder of the fact that I need to take all my 150 articles with audio tracks and convert them into videos. Then a YT playlist becomes critical!

  3. Great article and solid tips to get started. Thank you I am going to be taking action on these. Xx

  4. I agree on the usefulness of Youtube playlists! Such a great showcase!

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