Twitter Shortcuts You Won’t Want to Live Without.

Do you use Twitter shortcuts?

If you use Twitter’s interface, there are several shortcuts (pressing 2 keys to give the the same action as a series of mouse-clicks) you will wonder why you haven’t been using them before now.  These are especially beneficial if you do some actions more than others, for instance; if you use your “Favorites” (tweets marked as Favorites to be used or referred to at later dates)  a LOT, G + F will take you straight to your Favorites page.  They are also good to know if you can’t remember where some of these menu items are.  For instance, if you can’t remember where Twitter keeps their “lists” feature, all you need to do is type G + L.

Viewing the Twitter shortcut cheat-sheets below, you can see some of them are pretty intuitive while others may take using a few times to get them memorized.  You can refer back to this cheat sheet any time; just favorite this page or download the images.

Twitter shortcuts by your social media mogul

In addition to the twitter shortcuts shown above, you can see a few more available with the image displayed below.

twitter shortcuts  keyboard

There’s one more quick trick I’d like to add that isn’t really a shortcut – but may save you some time.  If you ever share your tweets, and want a Twitter link for a specific post, here’s a very short video to show you exactly how to do that.

Did you find these shortcuts useful?  Do you have any favorite Twitter shortcuts or tips you would like to share? I’d like to know!



13 Replies to “Twitter Shortcuts You Won’t Want to Live Without.”

    1. So glad you found this helpful! I think the G+F and G+L are my two favorites! 🙂

    1. Thanks Pragati – I’m happy you found it useful! 🙂

  1. This is great, Knikkolette, thanks for sharing this information. I have added it to my secret board at Pinterest for future reference. Cannot imagine why I have not heard about it before!

  2. So glad you like it Barbara Klein and glad you will be pinning it for later! 🙂 It's funny about some of these tips that have been around – we forget to use them and they end up being "out of sight out of mind".

  3. Thanks Knikkolette, I didn’t even know Twitter had key shortcuts and I’m one of the few still using Twitter from their websire. Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

  4. I'm not good at remembering shortcuts Knikkolette but these look very helpful.

    1. As a general rule… I’m not usually good a remembering shortcuts either Brian… but if you use them often enough – they become second nature.

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