ManageFlitter: How-To Unfollow Multiples

If you’re not using ManageFlitter to manage your Twitter account you’ll want to check it out!

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ManageFlitter  is a tool I have grown to love.  ManageFlitter supplies you so with so much information, it’s just nuts!  You can see who is a “talkative” or “quiet” user on Twitter, or who is completely inactive and how long it’s been since they’ve signed onto Twitter.  That can be valuable information if you are serious about interacting with your followers.  You can also see the number of tweets each person has sent over the lifetime of their account, the number of followers each user has, what their bio says, and what their Twitter avatar looks like.  Of course, ManageFlitter lets you see who is following you, and best of all, if you have the pro account, you can unfollow en masse if you want to prune your account to make room for new followers.

If you want to see just a sneak peak how ManageFlitter works, I’ve created a video (just coz I like you) ~ naw… actually coz I’m a vizual learner and I figure it’s easier to teach this way too.

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Do you feel like there are some days when users just don’t respond on Twitter?  What are your experiences?

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HootSuite: How to Schedule Posts to Twitter

hootsuite social media O.K., so anyone who knows me, knows that I was not a big fan of HootSuite.  In fact, I went out of my way to try every product except HootSuite because they made me so mad when they started charging for their services about a year or so ago.  (Long story, I won’t go into details.)  When I did product reviews a few months ago several of my friends raved about HootSuite so I decided to give them another try – a fair shake so to speak and I’m glad I did.

HootSuite is a powerful tool and does so many things, but this is just to show you how to schedule posts with the scheduler to Twitter.

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Have you had a similar experience with a tool or software application or even a business where your first experience was negative or something happened that made you decide not to give them any more of your business?  Did you give them a second chance?  Share your story!


The Power of Social Media: 3 Examples

Many of us KNOW Social Media HAS Power, many of us hear that social media has power, but haven’t really experienced it or don’t “get” it.

power of social media

  • Remember back when Obama was running for office?  Do you think he would be in office if he didn’t have a social media advantage?  He might, he might not… but it sure did help!  There are several sources who think we might have another president in office had Obama’s PR staff not been so tech savvy.   The New York Times  TechCrunch are two examples, then there are others who have opposing views.   I’m not saying he won it  because of social media, I’m just pointing out the power of social media.
  • Fundraising for charities and nonprofits.  There are so many ways social media gets involved with fundraising it boggles the mind.  One way is with FourSquare and their check-ins for charity.   Another instance is from Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean to comedian Ben Stiller – have harnessed the power of the Internet and mobile communications to quickly generate millions of dollars in donations for disaster relief in Haiti.  Finally for this post, a case study for social media, the Red Cross posted a fundraising project for Japan on their site in hopes to raise $25,000.  In one day they raised over $277,995check in for charity

Of course there are other ways social media affects us and those we care about.  Social media is so much more than what many people think it is, like playing Farmville, or posting what you had for breakfast on Twitter!  Gimme a break!  I’ve never played Farmville – please stop inviting me, I don’t want to play that or Mafia Wars, or any other games.

Then there’s the misconception that just because you’re online, you’re not forming real relationships.  Regardless of what many people say, you CAN form relationships online through social media platforms and that’s where the magic of social networking begins for business owners, coaches, consultants, etc.  For instance, I’m meeting Dwayne Kilbourne, whom I’ve not yet met face to face, but we’ve been networking online via a couple of groups on Facebook for several months.  Dwayne is a Foursquare guru and has coordinated a Foursquare Check in for Charity event to help with MUST Ministries, the local non profit where I work.   Now tell me social media doesn’t work and you can’t form real relationships.

What powerful way has social media affected you?  Do you remember a powerful or memorable event relating to social media?  I’d love your feedback!

Twitter: How To Spot That Bot!

Why do there have to be Twitter bots?


This post is about robot accounts, or fake accounts created for the sole purpose of following users.   Perhaps you’ve been tempted to purchase Twitter followers?  There are many reasons why people would want to buy followers but there are also many reasons NOT to purchase followers.

  • Twitter is about forming relationships with real people.  If you followed these people personally, you probably know  their interests , which tweets will appeal to them, and which ones they will retweet for you.
  • While a large number of followers are impressive, if they don’t share your content, you might as well be talking to a brick wall.
  • If your target market is geographically local to you, buying Twitter followers will not help.  You may get followers in the US, but there’s no way to purchase followers in your geographic location.  Many companies that sell Twitter followers don’t offer US only, if you purchase followers, you get what you get.

I could list more reasons why you don’t want to purchase Twitter followers, but the real reason for the post is to show you how to tell the difference between an account created and used by a living person and one that is a bot account created for the sole purpose of inflating numbers.

Now that you’ve watched the video, do you feel more or less confused?  If you interact with another Twitter account that has been “infiltrated”  by a bot account that does not mean your account is at risk.  As long as you know you are following a real person, you should be fine.  You would have to click on a link or install an application to infect your account.   I can say I have followed Twitter’s instructions for “cleaning” my account and it’s still behaving badly so there’s got to be something wonky somewhere!  Have you experienced problems with bots?  I’d like to hear your story!


Facebook, Google+, Now Twitter Profile Pages?

facebook business pages

Facebook Timeline, Google+ Business Pages, now Twitter Profile Pages!


I started this post with a history lesson – then I remembered I don’t really like history so why go that route?  Sure, I could post stats, when the platforms were created, when they offered what, blah blah blah… it’s informative, sure, but that’s too left brained for me.  Facebook has been introducing their Timeline on their personal profiles since September last year.  Luckily for the stragglers, it hasn’t been mandatory (yet).   This laid back-do-as-you-wish attitude may turn around to bite them in the behind because now Facebook is threatening to introduce it to their business pages a/k/a fan pages on February 29, 2012.  (Notice I say threatening?)  Because it took them so long to actually release Timeline on the personal profiles, I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” boat.

Now we have Twitter offering what they call  Enhanced Profile Pages.   Twitter has only released these to a select few and there is currently no release date to the general public. (At least they’re not making promises they can’t keep.)  According to a quote from Twitter’s site, the Enhanced Profile Pages:

“…increases your brand’s Twitter presence by prominently featuring your most important content and visually branding your page. Your enhanced profile page is completely public — users can view it without joining or logging into Twitter.”

If you want to know more about these pages, just click on Enhanced Profile Pages.



Then of course, you can’t forget Google+ and their business pages!  They haven’t quite caught on in popularity as Facebook fan pages, but they are getting there…  I’ve created mine, have created a few for clients, and know a few who have created theirs as well.  As someone who has to manage Google+ accounts, it’s not as intuitive as Facebook, but you’d be amiss not to set up accounts with Google being the search engine giant they are.

Google+ also doesn’t play well with others and hasn’t released the necessary API (application programming interface) necessary that allows us to post to Google+ from third party applications like TweetDeck, HootSuite, MarketMeSuite or others.

Businesses are starting to realize just how beneficial social media can be so they scrambling to create social media marketing departments, create positions like social media specialists, even add the duties to existing administrative personnel just so they will have an online presence.  The real question is, when they do create their pages, will they be managed properly?  Will they be interactive, interesting, engaging, informative, and relative or will they be like the old-style marketing we continue to see some businesses implement?  Push, push, push marketing?

What is your take on the different business pages?  Have you set up business pages on various social media platforms?  Do you think they are beneficial? Tell me what you think!