Facebook Changes Default Privacy Settings for Users 13 – 17 So What?


Facebook Changes Default Privacy Settings

With all the cyber bullying we’ve been hearing about on the news – we have to wonder if this change is coming along a bit too late?  Or, is it a band-aid to patch a broken limb?  Facebook announced today teen accounts (ages 13 – 17) will default to the “friends” setting; the previous default was “friends of friends”.  Going forward they will be able to make changes back to “friends of friends” or “public”  but will be notified of the status of the post setting, reminding the teens the post is indeed public and will be seen by more than just their friends.



If they choose to share the post publicly – they will see the post again.  O.K. – so Facebook becomes a nagging parent.  Do you think it will deter the teen from posting publicly or do you think it will entice the teen to get creative with their account?  Perhaps change their age?  Facebook does allow you to change your age (albeit a limited number of times).  I know if I were a rebellious teen – what I would do.

Will changing the default privacy settings on Facebook help protect teens from child trafficking? Pedophiles? Rapists? More importantly, other teens? Probably not.  Facebook even admits:

Teens are among the savviest people using social media, and whether it comes to civic engagement, activism, or their thoughts on a new movie, they want to be heard. So, starting today, people aged 13 through 17 will also have the choice to post publicly on Facebook. 

As a parent, I have concerns and have to wonder why a 13 year old should even have a Facebook profile.  It was just yesterday (October 15) a 12 year old girl killed herself  because her ex-best friend (a 14 year old girl) and another 12 year old girl were arrested for cyber bullying.  How is Facebook’s change to the default privacy setting going to affect instances like this?

What do you think about Facebook’s changes to their default privacy settings for users 13 – 17?  Is it enough? I would love your opinion.

Facebook Places: A Stalker’s Dream?

Facebook Places

I hate to be a “Paranoid Pattie”, but I REALLY don’t like Facebook’s new Places “feature” on their Timeline wall.  They used to have it at the top of your wall just under the banner as shown below:

Facebook tabs


You could hide the map by trading places with another item (see boxes or tabs).  Recently the “powers that be” at Facebook have decided to move the map or “Places feature”; the item that shows anyone you share your Facebook account with where you have been, on your wall.  You can no longer hide your map.   While some of you may ask “what’s wrong with this?” alarms go off,  and my “spidy” senses tingle, because as a social media person, I keep my wall public, and I friend many more people than my close family and friends.  I don’t necessarily want every person I’ve friended on Facebook to know the exact area I live, or the areas I travel on a regular basis.  So if you are like me, (rather be safe than sorry) I’ve recorded a couple of videos and written a few pointers for you.  Below is a list of items I’ve discovered that will show what causes those “Places” to show on your Timeline map:

1) Foursquare posts:  Whether you share them to your Facebook wall or not, if you check-in on Foursquare and take a photo then take a separate photo and upload it to your Facebook wall, it will add it to your Places map.

2) Mobile photo uploads:  If you take a photo with your smartphone and upload it to your wall, it MAY add it to your wall.  It depends on your phone and which app you use when you take your photo.  I know when I used Instagram, it did not add those photos to my Facebook Places… but that may have been because I did not check that as a default setting when I installed it on my phone.

3) Tagged images: If someone tags you in a photo, you guessed it, you will be added to that location.  (You can change this setting under Privacy Settings.)

There may be more ways you can be added to the Places map, these are ways I’ve found so far.  Below are ways I know you can remove yourself from the Places map and what you can do to keep yourself from re-appearing.

1) Remove the Foursquare app from Facebook.  I tried to have it just not post on my behalf, but that did not do the trick – I had to remove the app completely.  If you are unsure how to remove the app,  watch the video shown below:

2) Remove the mobile photo uploads:  There are a couple of ways you can do this, double-click the map locator until you see which post has the image(s) tied to the map, at which point you want to double-click the image again and delete each image.  If this does not work, you want to see which day the image is posted and delete it from that day on your Timeline. (see video)

3) Remove the tag from the photo: Locate the photo using the same steps above and remove the tag.  If you are unsure how to remove the tag, watch the video.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think Mark Zuckerberg has been contracted by the government to use Facebook as tracking software because people so readily give their information, and this program posts what a normal person would consider personal and private information on a regular basis.  What do you think?

Facebook’s Band-Aid on Privacy Wound

Facebook is making amends, but is it too little too late?

It’s no secret Facebook has been in the news a lot recently about their invasion of our privacy.  First there was the facial recognition technology used in the photo tagging that had everyone up in arms.  Honestly, what WAS Facebook thinking?  Then more recently there was the contact sharing incident.  Facebook continues to deny there’s any privacy issue there, but after talking to several other Facebook users, I disagree.

This post covers Facebook’s new attempt to cover user’s privacy.  They consider this an easier, more user-friendly option.  Personally, I don’t like it, because you have to remember to do it.  It’s not a “fix and forget” type of option.  Here’s a short video to show you exactly what Facebook wants you to do every time you want to hide a new status, photo or video.

As you can see, the settings are easy enough to use, but am I convinced?  Not yet.  I know they’re making a lot of changes and in those changes they may get me back in their good graces (not that I account for much out of over 600 million people), but I also know if they continue to upset people the way they have these past few months, Google+ is going to get a lot of  ex-Facebook users!  Will you be one of them or are you going to give Facebook another chance?  I’d love to know! Post it on my fan page or tweet me!

Facebook Publishes Phone Numbers, Invades Privacy Again!

Facebook giant, Mark Zuckerberg, doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of privacy.

It seems every time we turn around, Facebook is in the news with some sort of privacy issue being exposed.  Granted, Facebook is a social platform on a public domain, but as a user on that social platform we have the right to choose what we want to share.  This time Facebook has decided to share our phone numbers.  I don’t share my phone number with everyone, but I was prompted by Facebook to input this information for security purposes so I did.  As if sharing our phone numbers weren’t bad enough, from conversations I’ve had on Facebook with other individuals who have experienced the same breach, one lady even indicated she noticed her deleted phone numbers were showing up in the Facebook contacts!

Do you think I feel betrayed by Facebook now they have decided to share this information with all of my friends?  Well yes and I will tell you why.   I talk online  via IM, Skype, Google+, Twitter or Facebook with my friends.

What’s even worse is I learned Facebook may be sharing this information with ADVERTISERS!

If you want proof phone numbers are on display, take the following steps:

  • Top right corner, click Account
  • Click Edit Friends
  • Top left corner, click Contacts
You will be able see everyone’s phone numbers there.

If you don’t want your phone number displayed for everyone to see, here’s how to remove yours.

What can you do to remove your contacts from Facebook?

  • First, take the steps in the video and remove your phone number.
  • On the page where you saw the Contacts, on the RIGHT hand side you will see the following image:


According to Facebook you need to remove “SYNC” from your mobile device before you remove it from Facebook on your computer.  I was not able to find this option on my mobile device.  I even went into my system settings to manage my Facebook application in my settings and could not find it.  You may need to remove the application completely from your mobile device and re-install it.

Once you click on the “Remove” button you will be shown a screen that says it will take a few minutes and you will be notified by Facebook when it’s complete.

This may take a long time depending on the number of contacts.  If it doesn’t work after about 10 or 15 minutes you may need to try again.  I had to do it twice.  The second time I received a pop-up box at the bottom left corner indicating the process was complete.  I then went back to my contacts and was still able to see all the contacts and phone numbers, however there was a message at the top stating: “Only you can see your contacts.  Your Contacts list is like a phonebook that only you can see. It includes numbers that 1) you may have synced from your phone or 2) your friends have chosen to share with you.  To control who sees your contact information, visit your privacy settings.    If you need more help with privacy settings, see another post,  How Much Do You Share on Facebook.  Perhaps this video can help.

Good luck and as always if you have any questions you want answered, be sure to post them on my Facebook fan page or @YSMMogul on Twitter.


How Much Do You Share on Facebook?

If you have a Facebook account you may or may not be concerned about who can view your information.  Many of us create these accounts and make posts forgetting who we’ve friended, or forget that people can see much of what we post unless we go into the privacy settings and make these changes. 

There are daily accounts of arrests being made, individuals being fired, etc… due to the content a user posted on his or her Facebook wall.  So – if you do have a Facebook account and are concerned about who sees your content, this short video will show you step-by-step how to make those changes.