ManageFlitter: How-To Unfollow Multiples

If you’re not using ManageFlitter to manage your Twitter account you’ll want to check it out!

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ManageFlitter  is a tool I have grown to love.  ManageFlitter supplies you so with so much information, it’s just nuts!  You can see who is a “talkative” or “quiet” user on Twitter, or who is completely inactive and how long it’s been since they’ve signed onto Twitter.  That can be valuable information if you are serious about interacting with your followers.  You can also see the number of tweets each person has sent over the lifetime of their account, the number of followers each user has, what their bio says, and what their Twitter avatar looks like.  Of course, ManageFlitter lets you see who is following you, and best of all, if you have the pro account, you can unfollow en masse if you want to prune your account to make room for new followers.

If you want to see just a sneak peak how ManageFlitter works, I’ve created a video (just coz I like you) ~ naw… actually coz I’m a vizual learner and I figure it’s easier to teach this way too.

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Do you feel like there are some days when users just don’t respond on Twitter?  What are your experiences?

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Top 5 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Twitter

So you’ve created your Twitter account and you want to know the best way to reach your target market. There are several ways and I will list them below for you.

1. Twellow is a great site kind of like the Twitter version of the Yellow Pages. People register their Twitter accounts, including their location, their industry, hobbies, etc… You can easily search on a number of different criteria to find your target market. You can follow individuals directly from Twellow.

2. Competitors on Twitter can be a good thing.  Follow them, list them, find the ones with a large following and follow their followers.

3. TweetBig is a new tool that allows you to follow users as mentioned in step 2, but it also offers other tools such as seeing who your new followers are and who is not following. (This can be important because you can follow up to 2000 people without anyone following you back. Once you hit 2,000 – you can only follow 10% more users than follow you.) This company offers a 3 day trial for $1 at the time of the writing of this post. They used to offer a free 3 day trial. Once the 3 day trial is over, they bill you approximately $17 per month.

4. ManageFlitter is similar to TweetBig. It shows you who has followed you and unfollowed you similarly to TweetBig, but I like it better in that it’s easier to follow and unfollow a large number of people.  It also has an unpaid version you can use.

5. Hashtags are a great Twitter tool people are starting to finally take advantage of.  Do a search for something related to your field with a hashtag (#).  Be sure if it’s a two word search such as “social media” – to search #socialmedia (noticed I left out the space between social and media).  Posts will come up with the same hashtag, and you can follow those same individuals if those posts relate to your field.  Be sure to read the posts because spammers are starting to use the hashtag as a marketing ploy to get face time for unrelated items.