Are you a Social Media “Giver”?

It’s tempting to sit at your computer and post links to your website, tweet about sales and promotions because you don’t really know what else to do and then log off.    I see people do it to the point they don’t interact with me at all when I ask them questions in their twitter stream or on a LinkedIn post.  It’s not quite as bad on Facebook perhaps because more people use Facebook than any other social media platform.  With thousands of  new people opening accounts every day, it’s imperative we all learn how to be more social so I thought I’d share a few tips.

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Difference Between Social & Spam?

Many mistakes businesses and individuals make when trying to be “social” is they post several times throughout the day, sometimes too many.  Believe it or not, posting too much can be as bad or worse than not posting enough.  With Twitter, as long as you post content that is interesting, funny or valuable to the reader, high volume is O.K. to a point.  Remember your followers.  Some of your followers may only follow a couple hundred people, so if you fill up their timeline with only your posts, that can be annoying- especially if they are not interesting posts.

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