HootSuite: How to Schedule Posts to Twitter

hootsuite social media O.K., so anyone who knows me, knows that I was not a big fan of HootSuite.  In fact, I went out of my way to try every product except HootSuite because they made me so mad when they started charging for their services about a year or so ago.  (Long story, I won’t go into details.)  When I did product reviews a few months ago several of my friends raved about HootSuite so I decided to give them another try – a fair shake so to speak and I’m glad I did.

HootSuite is a powerful tool and does so many things, but this is just to show you how to schedule posts with the scheduler to Twitter.

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Never Used Pinterest? This Post’s For YOU!

If you’re new to Pinterest and social media in general don’t feel bad, everyone started out as a newbie.


This post has a few very short “how-to” videos to show you exactly what you need to do turn off e-mail notifications,  and follow or unfollow boards or partial boards on Pinterest. Why do I include videos? If you’re like me, and 65% of the rest of visual learners out there, these videos will help you learn Pinterest and the other social media platforms I write about.

The first video is about how to turn off e-mail notifications:

Now that you’ve turned off those pesky e-mail notifications, you want to follow your friends on Pinterest right?  The problem is, you may not necessarily have all the same interests as your friends so why follow ALL of the same boards?  The great thing is, you don’t have to follow all of their boards.  The following video shows you how you can follow all or pick and choose a few of the boards of those people you follow.

These videos will get you started  and more will follow soon.  Don’t forget, you can always post your questions if you have specific questions on Pinterest or any other social media platform.  I may have some videos you may like on other topics on my YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out.



Twitter: How To Spot That Bot!

Why do there have to be Twitter bots?


This post is about robot accounts, or fake accounts created for the sole purpose of following users.   Perhaps you’ve been tempted to purchase Twitter followers?  There are many reasons why people would want to buy followers but there are also many reasons NOT to purchase followers.

  • Twitter is about forming relationships with real people.  If you followed these people personally, you probably know  their interests , which tweets will appeal to them, and which ones they will retweet for you.
  • While a large number of followers are impressive, if they don’t share your content, you might as well be talking to a brick wall.
  • If your target market is geographically local to you, buying Twitter followers will not help.  You may get followers in the US, but there’s no way to purchase followers in your geographic location.  Many companies that sell Twitter followers don’t offer US only, if you purchase followers, you get what you get.

I could list more reasons why you don’t want to purchase Twitter followers, but the real reason for the post is to show you how to tell the difference between an account created and used by a living person and one that is a bot account created for the sole purpose of inflating numbers.

Now that you’ve watched the video, do you feel more or less confused?  If you interact with another Twitter account that has been “infiltrated”  by a bot account that does not mean your account is at risk.  As long as you know you are following a real person, you should be fine.  You would have to click on a link or install an application to infect your account.   I can say I have followed Twitter’s instructions for “cleaning” my account and it’s still behaving badly so there’s got to be something wonky somewhere!  Have you experienced problems with bots?  I’d like to hear your story!


Don’t Want to Share SO MUCH Info with Apps on Facebook?

What Are Facebook Apps?


If you’ve been on Facebook for any length of time, chances are you’ve installed (or been tempted to install) a third party application such as Farmville, Klout, or Skype, just to name a few.  The problem with these apps is they want so much information from you.  When they install, they not only want access to your account, but they want you to agree to be able to make posts on your timeline or wall, AS YOU!  Well guess what?!  You don’t always have to allow these apps to do that!  That’s right, you might be able change that setting.

Installed Apps Getting You Down?

In the video posted below,  you will see exactly what information you can withhold, and how you can remove access you’ve already granted to these apps.

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How to Change Your Theme on YouTube


So You Want to Change Your Theme on YouTube

You’ve been watching YouTube videos for a while and some pages are tricked out with fancy banners, backgrounds, wallpapers, while others have the plain white background.  If you want to customize your YouTube background with your logo, or put a nice wallpaper, or just change the colors, this short video will show you exactly how to do that.

You have to already have your image in the correct file format and size suitable for YouTube, and according to their site, that is a file smaller than 256 k in size.

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