Why Build a Fan Page If You’re Going To Abandon It?

I see it EVERY DAY!  A fan page with few likes and zero activity.  I ask myself WHY?  Why do people pay to have fan pages created or create a fan page and then abandon it?  Because they take work!

The average business creates their fan page and makes posts that are little more than advertisements similar to what you would see on any other push medium such as radio, television, magazine, or yellow pages.  They just don’t “get” social media.  Social media is SOCIAL. Yes, I said it!  They need to interact with their potential client!  So, when their efforts don’t produce the desired results, they give up.  They abandon their fan page because their friends, business associates, and even their family don’t “like” their fan pages because they don’t want to be bombarded with constant ads.  Gee!  I wonder why?

fan page

Below, are just a few things you can do to get and keep your fans:

1) If you have a client list, friend them from you personal Facebook account.  If you don’t want to use your personal account, create a separate business Facebook account for clients, business associates, vendors, etc… to friend for this purpose.

2) Reach out.  If it’s their birthday, say happy birthday, if they post something funny, like their post, if you like their post and you share it, be sure to mention where you got it.  Everyone likes to feel special.  The more you interact, the more likely they are to interact with you and your fan page, trust you, and convert to a paying customer.

3) If these people have fan pages, like them!  If you are the first to step forward and like their fan page, chances are they may reciprocate and like yours.  If you interact on a regular basis on their page by liking and commenting on their posts, chances are they will do the same with yours.

4) Post relevant, but interesting posts about your industry, that are NOT about your company.  People liked your fan page because they are interested in your industry as a whole.  If you are a photographer, they want to know about photography, not just about the photographs you take.  Post interesting photos, really cool photographic facts.  Don’t make your fan page a yellow pages ad about your company.

5) Post more than once a day. This is the biggest mistake I see.  The way Facebook’s edgerank works if YOU don’t interact with a page or person, then you won’t see them regardless of how often they post.  There are other factors as well. You need to test the waters and determine when your fans are online.  It’s going to be different for each business.  There is no “cookie cutter” template that works for every business.  Post during different times during the day and see when your fans respond and be sure to interact.

These are just a few tips that could help you increase your fan count and your fan participation or “talking about this”.   If you want more tips on what you can do to increase  your fan page participation, subscribe to our blog.

Do you have tips that have worked for you?  We’d love to hear about them! Share them in the comment section below!

Social Media & MLMs: Is Your Team Technically Ready?

In today’s economy, I see more and more people starting their own businesses, and of those a good percentage of them are MLMs or multi-level-marketing businesses, such as Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, or one I’m sure you’ve heard of Mary Kay.  This a good thing and a bad thing.  Many MLMs provide the tools necessary for their consultants such as a website (many times at an extra charge), but mostly these companies want their consultants to go out and sell sell sell, and build a “team” or “downline” because that’s where the real money is made.    The problem with this, is many of the distributors or consultants aren’t technically savvy, haven’t been using social media beyond the point of playing Farmville on Facebook and don’t know how to successfully leverage these amazing marketing venues.

social media & mlms

Here are some basic steps & tools to help you get your team technically ready to help launch their social media presence:

1.  Do they have basic social media skills?  Do they know how to post on their Facebook fan page successfully?  It’s not about the sell, (although that is the end goal), it’s about the social.  Some of the most successful Facebook fan pages are those by individuals not previously online, but just good at talking to people and sharing photos of their events.  Facebook is kinda like a family BBQ,  you go, you interact, share photos, a good time is had by all.  Twitter on the other hand, is more like a cocktail party.  You still go, interact & and can share photos, but the conversations are usually shorter and the photos aren’t shared as often.  I’ve recently been told LinkedIn is also a valuable asset to MLM distributors not only for making connections but for building teams.

2. Are your team marketing their target market or are they being too general?  Facebook is fantastic at being able to zone in to territories, or areas that are assigned to team members.  Twitter also allows you to follow your target market, through the use of their search feature.

3. Are they using tools that can help save them time such as TweetDeck, MarketMeSuite, etc…  These tools can help your team post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, while monitoring the content as well.

These are just a few things you and your team can do, and a few hyperlinks to posts they can read and videos they can watch that will help them market their business successfully using social media.

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Don’t Want to Share SO MUCH Info with Apps on Facebook?

What Are Facebook Apps?


If you’ve been on Facebook for any length of time, chances are you’ve installed (or been tempted to install) a third party application such as Farmville, Klout, or Skype, just to name a few.  The problem with these apps is they want so much information from you.  When they install, they not only want access to your account, but they want you to agree to be able to make posts on your timeline or wall, AS YOU!  Well guess what?!  You don’t always have to allow these apps to do that!  That’s right, you might be able change that setting.

Installed Apps Getting You Down?

In the video posted below,  you will see exactly what information you can withhold, and how you can remove access you’ve already granted to these apps.

If you learned something new watching this video, there are more like this one peppered throughout my site.  Kick off your shoes and stay awhile!  If you liked it, let me know by writing a review on my Facebook fan page.  If you’d like another question answered, you can post that on my fan page too!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Can You Auto Post Without Looking Like A BOT?

Some of you new to my site may ask, what is auto posting, why would I use it and what is a bot?auto post

An auto post is a post that is created by you, but scheduled to post at a later time, possibly when you are not online.  There are several applications that can make these posts for you such as Buffer, Twaitter, TweetDeck, HootSuite and MarketMeSuite just to name a few.

A bot, on the other hand is an automated account programmers use that mimick accounts of real live people.  For instance, you may have seen sites that advertise selling massive numbers of followers or fans for money.  These followers and fans are usually bot accounts.  They look impressive in that you have a large number associated with your account, BUT (and you can see I emphasized the word BUT) there is no value there and we will cover this with another post another day.

Auto posting can be used effectively and ineffectively.  My goal in this post is to show you how to use auto posting without looking like a bot.

The following are a list of posts I’ve seen people post and I’ve posted myself successfully:

1. Quotes:  These can be posted any time of day, people will retweet (RT) them and can be set up on a schedule for reoccurring auto posting.  If you do set up the quotes on a reoccurring schedule, I recommend every 60 to 90 days.  Your followers have good memories.  I learned this the hard way by posting quotes every 15 days and one of my followers pointed out I looked like a bot.

2. #Follow, #FollowFriday, #FF posts: This is a great way to save a lot of time and rack up some good karma.  Imagine how special you can make someone feel by dedicating an entire tweet to one person for a #Follow mention!  Not only that, people are much more likely to follow someone you recommend based upon a dedicated #Follow tweet than they are when they see multiple people’s names mentioned in a tweet like you usually see.  I have these set up to reoccur weekly and even though the verbiage is the same, it still carries the same weight.  It’s a single tweet dedicated to a single individual.

3. Promoting a friend’s webinar, new book, charity, etc…  If you want to help someone promote something why not set it up as an auto post?  I love Twaitter’s option to have a tweet post every day for x number of days.  I set it up once then forget about it.

4. Google+ circle request:  I have an auto post set up once a day that simply says “I would love to have you in my Google+ circle! http://bit.ly/tW3OG4” and another one that’s similar for my personal Google + account.  I honestly believe this has helped my personal account grow from 300 to over 1,000 in 2 months.social media

5. Offer to help:  I recently set up an auto post that states that if someone wants interaction on their Facebook fan page, all they need to do is post the request on my Facebook fan page with a link to my fan page.  This has worked out great – I’m not worried about gaining fans – although I’m sure this will eventually help grow my fans when people see I follow through consistently.  Not to say I haven’t gained any new fans – I have… for me, I’m doing it more to help others.  Other benefits could be increase in visitors to your Facebook fan page, increase in comments, increase in likes, increase in your EdgeRank, etc…

What you will notice about the options above on auto posts are the following:

1. No questions:  If you ask a question it will need to be answered.  If you are not online, you can’t answer the question. (However, there are notification applications such as TweetAlarm that can notify you via e-mail when you get a tweet so, technically – you could if you have a smart phone or access to the internet.)

2. No posts that require immediate interaction on Twitter:  Notice my posts that require interaction lead to another social media platform.  Google+ and Facebook.  It’s O.K. to have a delay between interaction if it’s not on the same social media platform.

These are the ways I use auto posting, do you have other ways I haven’t thought of?  I’d like to know.  Also – if you have a Facebook fan page you’d like some interaction with, let me know on my fan page and I’ll drop by and say hi.  If you have any questions you’d like answered, post them and I’ll write a blog post or record a video. 🙂



What’s the Big Deal About Social Media?

social mediaBelieve it or not, I still get asked the following questions on a regular basis:

“What’s the big deal about social media?  What’s the value of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+? Do I need to get online?”  To which I have to reply  ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?!!?!  O.K., now that I’ve gotten that out of the way – let me calmly make some points that many of us who “live on line” take for granted.

1) Social media is not a fad.  It’s not going away.  I would say it’s safe to say almost every Fortune 500 company has an employee or several dedicated to their online presence and inbound marketing using social media and social networking.

2) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ can be valuable tools for getting you or your company in front of potentially millions of people depending on your ability to create unique content people want to see.  This has been proven time and again by viral videos on YouTube, tweets on Twitter, and Facebook posts.

3) Anyone who thinks they don’t need to get online doesn’t realize a growing portion of the population no longer uses the phone book or yellow pages to find necessary phone numbers when looking up the number of their local plumber.  Why should they when they can go online to various websites that not only give them phone numbers of local contractors, restaurants, dog groomers and more, but they also get reviews from people who have used their services.  You can’t get that from a phone book!  Many businesses even offer special discounts to their fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter, or even text their customers on their mobile phones!  What better way to keep your existing customers than to stay in touch with social media?

If you ARE new to the whole social media world, I have one piece of advice for you if you don’t learn anything else.  Remember to keep the “social” in social media.  Social media is NOT a push medium like e-mail, radio, or television.  If you treat social media like it IS a push medium, your followers or fans will hide you from their stream or just unfollow you.

Do you have a question why you should use social media or why you should get online that I haven’t answered?   If so, please post it here or on my Facebook fan page and I’ll be happy to answer it for you.   If you, like me are one of those who spend hours and hours online each day and have more to add, please do!  All comments are welcome! 🙂