Facebook Places: A Stalker’s Dream?

Facebook Places

I hate to be a “Paranoid Pattie”, but I REALLY don’t like Facebook’s new Places “feature” on their Timeline wall.  They used to have it at the top of your wall just under the banner as shown below:

Facebook tabs


You could hide the map by trading places with another item (see boxes or tabs).  Recently the “powers that be” at Facebook have decided to move the map or “Places feature”; the item that shows anyone you share your Facebook account with where you have been, on your wall.  You can no longer hide your map.   While some of you may ask “what’s wrong with this?” alarms go off,  and my “spidy” senses tingle, because as a social media person, I keep my wall public, and I friend many more people than my close family and friends.  I don’t necessarily want every person I’ve friended on Facebook to know the exact area I live, or the areas I travel on a regular basis.  So if you are like me, (rather be safe than sorry) I’ve recorded a couple of videos and written a few pointers for you.  Below is a list of items I’ve discovered that will show what causes those “Places” to show on your Timeline map:

1) Foursquare posts:  Whether you share them to your Facebook wall or not, if you check-in on Foursquare and take a photo then take a separate photo and upload it to your Facebook wall, it will add it to your Places map.

2) Mobile photo uploads:  If you take a photo with your smartphone and upload it to your wall, it MAY add it to your wall.  It depends on your phone and which app you use when you take your photo.  I know when I used Instagram, it did not add those photos to my Facebook Places… but that may have been because I did not check that as a default setting when I installed it on my phone.

3) Tagged images: If someone tags you in a photo, you guessed it, you will be added to that location.  (You can change this setting under Privacy Settings.)

There may be more ways you can be added to the Places map, these are ways I’ve found so far.  Below are ways I know you can remove yourself from the Places map and what you can do to keep yourself from re-appearing.

1) Remove the Foursquare app from Facebook.  I tried to have it just not post on my behalf, but that did not do the trick – I had to remove the app completely.  If you are unsure how to remove the app,  watch the video shown below:

2) Remove the mobile photo uploads:  There are a couple of ways you can do this, double-click the map locator until you see which post has the image(s) tied to the map, at which point you want to double-click the image again and delete each image.  If this does not work, you want to see which day the image is posted and delete it from that day on your Timeline. (see video)

3) Remove the tag from the photo: Locate the photo using the same steps above and remove the tag.  If you are unsure how to remove the tag, watch the video.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think Mark Zuckerberg has been contracted by the government to use Facebook as tracking software because people so readily give their information, and this program posts what a normal person would consider personal and private information on a regular basis.  What do you think?

The 3 S’s of Social Media

What are the 3 S’s of Social Media?

social media

I watched a movie this weekend called My Best Friend, and while I won’t go into all the details, the short of it is about a guy who doesn’t have any friends (but claims he does) and makes a bet with his business partner he can prove it in 10 days.  During his “search” for his “best friend” someone taught him the 3 S’s of being friendly and making friends.  While watching this I realized, the 3 S’s apply to social media too!

1) SMILE! So you may be asking yourself how do you exactly SMILE on social media?  EASY!  Post positive comments, funny posts, make sure your avatar shows your bright smiling face! Of course you can also add the smiley faces i.e. 🙂 or :0) or even the big smile :D.  Then there are hugs and and other variations of affection.  If you have a blog like this, write posts that make people smile. (I think I need to work on that one!)  As adults, we have a tendency to be so serious, so business-minded.  It’s good to be professional, but let’s remember to have fun too and get your friends on social media smiling.

2) BE SOCIAL! You might say “Well DUH!” You’d be surprised how many people go online, open accounts, tweet about specials, or announcements, but never interact.  They spend money having Facebook fan pages created, and even make posts for a month or two, but when they don’t get the results they want, they decide it’s not worth the effort.  Social media is easy, but it’s work.  It’s simple, but it takes time to cultivate relationships.  Treat social media, social networking, social platforms in general like any other “real life” relationship and you’ll be much more successful.

3) SINCERITY! Even though almost everything is in print, people can tell a fake a mile away and they won’t hesitate to bury you in their stream or unfollow your account.  Sometimes being overly positive, or overly optimistic can come off as insincere (Yes – I have that problem – I have happy days and I really DO think people ROCK!, but I suppose I can see where that might come across as insincere if you don’t know me.)

Do YOU have an “S” you’d like to add to the ones I’ve listed above?  What’s the best advice you would give to someone in social media?

The Power of Social Media: 3 Examples

Many of us KNOW Social Media HAS Power, many of us hear that social media has power, but haven’t really experienced it or don’t “get” it.

power of social media

  • Remember back when Obama was running for office?  Do you think he would be in office if he didn’t have a social media advantage?  He might, he might not… but it sure did help!  There are several sources who think we might have another president in office had Obama’s PR staff not been so tech savvy.   The New York Times  TechCrunch are two examples, then there are others who have opposing views.   I’m not saying he won it  because of social media, I’m just pointing out the power of social media.
  • Fundraising for charities and nonprofits.  There are so many ways social media gets involved with fundraising it boggles the mind.  One way is with FourSquare and their check-ins for charity.   Another instance is from Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean to comedian Ben Stiller – have harnessed the power of the Internet and mobile communications to quickly generate millions of dollars in donations for disaster relief in Haiti.  Finally for this post, a case study for social media, the Red Cross posted a fundraising project for Japan on their site in hopes to raise $25,000.  In one day they raised over $277,995check in for charity

Of course there are other ways social media affects us and those we care about.  Social media is so much more than what many people think it is, like playing Farmville, or posting what you had for breakfast on Twitter!  Gimme a break!  I’ve never played Farmville – please stop inviting me, I don’t want to play that or Mafia Wars, or any other games.

Then there’s the misconception that just because you’re online, you’re not forming real relationships.  Regardless of what many people say, you CAN form relationships online through social media platforms and that’s where the magic of social networking begins for business owners, coaches, consultants, etc.  For instance, I’m meeting Dwayne Kilbourne, whom I’ve not yet met face to face, but we’ve been networking online via a couple of groups on Facebook for several months.  Dwayne is a Foursquare guru and has coordinated a Foursquare Check in for Charity event to help with MUST Ministries, the local non profit where I work.   Now tell me social media doesn’t work and you can’t form real relationships.

What powerful way has social media affected you?  Do you remember a powerful or memorable event relating to social media?  I’d love your feedback!

Facebook Marketing Conference: Infomercial or WHAT?!?


Like so many other social media professionals, I attended Facebook’s Livestream version of their Facebook Marketing Convention introducing the Facebook Timeline for business pages announcing they are available now and will be automatically converted March 30, 2012.  I won’t mince words, I was disappointed.  I was expecting to see them introduce new and exciting features not introduced with  Timeline for personal pages.  There were a few, but nothing to dedicate a “big event”.   Don’t get me wrong, I realize it was a marketing event, Facebook has to make money (O.K. – maybe they have enough) but they could have done without the interviews with the big muckity mucks from the major sponsors like American Express, FTD, etc…

In my opinion, they could have had an hour-long webinar to cover the new features listed below.

1 ) Pins

2 ) No landing pages

3 ) Changes to admin panel

4 ) Photos, apps, etc.. at the top of the page

5 ) Cover photo

6 ) Private messages between admin & fans

7 ) Change your fan page name

8 ) See which of your friends like this page

9 ) Real time Insights


Being that this was a marketing conference for Facebook, it’s not surprising they were pushing  Premium Ads, Sponsored Stories, Reach Generator, and “Logout Experience“.   A couple of Facebook reps showed examples of posts with sponsored stories, as well as their other new marketing techniques.  This comes at a time when so many businesses have  fan pages with little or no interaction and few fans.  Fan pages that perhaps have been abandoned because the business owners went in with unrealistic expectations.  Facebook comes in with claims these marketing techniques will be their saving grace.   Too bad most of these are targeted to the large companies.

What are the small to medium size companies supposed to do?  If you don’t have a staff to handle all the engagement they suggest for these Facebook strategies, how are they going to succeed?   Many small companies manage their own fan pages and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to this type of engagement.  They also don’t have the funds to hire an outside social media firm to do this for them.  Is this Facebook’s way of saying they don’t support small businesses despite their big presentation with American Express and “Small Business Saturday“?

small business

Now, let me say something nice:  I like Facebook’s Timeline for business pages and their marketing plans make it easy to create a strategy, and set up campaigns.   I think it’s an improvement visually, interactively and from an administrative standpoint.

Did you attend this Marketing event?  If so, what was your opinion? How do you feel about Timeline?  I know my opinions may ruffle some feathers, but I would like to hear from you whether you agree or not. 🙂

Facebook, Google+, Now Twitter Profile Pages?

facebook business pages

Facebook Timeline, Google+ Business Pages, now Twitter Profile Pages!


I started this post with a history lesson – then I remembered I don’t really like history so why go that route?  Sure, I could post stats, when the platforms were created, when they offered what, blah blah blah… it’s informative, sure, but that’s too left brained for me.  Facebook has been introducing their Timeline on their personal profiles since September last year.  Luckily for the stragglers, it hasn’t been mandatory (yet).   This laid back-do-as-you-wish attitude may turn around to bite them in the behind because now Facebook is threatening to introduce it to their business pages a/k/a fan pages on February 29, 2012.  (Notice I say threatening?)  Because it took them so long to actually release Timeline on the personal profiles, I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” boat.

Now we have Twitter offering what they call  Enhanced Profile Pages.   Twitter has only released these to a select few and there is currently no release date to the general public. (At least they’re not making promises they can’t keep.)  According to a quote from Twitter’s site, the Enhanced Profile Pages:

“…increases your brand’s Twitter presence by prominently featuring your most important content and visually branding your page. Your enhanced profile page is completely public — users can view it without joining or logging into Twitter.”

If you want to know more about these pages, just click on Enhanced Profile Pages.



Then of course, you can’t forget Google+ and their business pages!  They haven’t quite caught on in popularity as Facebook fan pages, but they are getting there…  I’ve created mine, have created a few for clients, and know a few who have created theirs as well.  As someone who has to manage Google+ accounts, it’s not as intuitive as Facebook, but you’d be amiss not to set up accounts with Google being the search engine giant they are.

Google+ also doesn’t play well with others and hasn’t released the necessary API (application programming interface) necessary that allows us to post to Google+ from third party applications like TweetDeck, HootSuite, MarketMeSuite or others.

Businesses are starting to realize just how beneficial social media can be so they scrambling to create social media marketing departments, create positions like social media specialists, even add the duties to existing administrative personnel just so they will have an online presence.  The real question is, when they do create their pages, will they be managed properly?  Will they be interactive, interesting, engaging, informative, and relative or will they be like the old-style marketing we continue to see some businesses implement?  Push, push, push marketing?

What is your take on the different business pages?  Have you set up business pages on various social media platforms?  Do you think they are beneficial? Tell me what you think!