ManageFlitter: How-To Unfollow Multiples

If you’re not using ManageFlitter to manage your Twitter account you’ll want to check it out!

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ManageFlitter  is a tool I have grown to love.  ManageFlitter supplies you so with so much information, it’s just nuts!  You can see who is a “talkative” or “quiet” user on Twitter, or who is completely inactive and how long it’s been since they’ve signed onto Twitter.  That can be valuable information if you are serious about interacting with your followers.  You can also see the number of tweets each person has sent over the lifetime of their account, the number of followers each user has, what their bio says, and what their Twitter avatar looks like.  Of course, ManageFlitter lets you see who is following you, and best of all, if you have the pro account, you can unfollow en masse if you want to prune your account to make room for new followers.

If you want to see just a sneak peak how ManageFlitter works, I’ve created a video (just coz I like you) ~ naw… actually coz I’m a vizual learner and I figure it’s easier to teach this way too.

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Do you feel like there are some days when users just don’t respond on Twitter?  What are your experiences?

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Why Buy the Social Media Cow?

You know the rest of the saying… complete it – you know you want to.  Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?  Well there are several reasons really.  When you buy it, it’s packaged nicely, cold, ready to drink.  No fuss, no muss, everything is done for you right?  You might be thinking the same thing when it comes to all of these services available you see online.  Sign up for this service, buy our software, promising to teach you all of the tricks of the social media trade.  All you have to do is plop down your hard earned cash either on a one-time or monthly basis.  That’s how they make their money – who can blame them after all.  Everyone has to make a buck right?

I suppose so, but seeing that I learned by reading posts written by people on Twitter  (some who are now my friends), who share their knowledge FREELY, it bothers me that these companies insinuate there’s a way to do something one way, and then once you sign up for their service you discover it’s not that way at all.   I’m not naming names yet, but there will be a comparison of what’s hot and what’s not somewhere down the road and at that point if products don’t perform as promised, you can bet I will definitely name names.

At this point I do want to  strongly encourage you to be wary of programs or services that promise “all in one” social media training.  There are MANY blogs, websites, and Facebook fan pages that offer this same information FREE of charge.  You will need to look through their sites to read their posts, but it’s FREE.  It will take a little effort, but it’s FREE.  If you have any QUESTIONS, feel free to ASK either someone from the site you are on, or ask me and someone will find an answer for you for FREE.