Support-A-Thon: Submit Your Free #Backlinks

What’s a Support-A-Thon?

Well that was my question when I originally read the headline on Yomar Lopez’s blog.  I don’t know if he originally came up with the idea of thesupport-a-thon Support-A-Thon, but he definitely encourages us to take advantage of this marketing idea.  A Support-A-Thon is a free link exchange where participants actively help each other by posting links on each other’s social platforms.

What’s the purpose behind this Support-A-Thon?

As a participant (someone who submits your information) all you are asked to do is hand-pick a few other participants and share their links with your friends via your social networks.  Whether you choose to share by posting to Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, makes no difference which social platforms as long as you share.  For the full story of how the Support-A-Thon works, please read Yomar’s post.

The following is straight from Yomar’s blog:

Why A Support-A-Thon Is For You

The goal here is to allow little-known business entities and creatives to share their online content with a wider audience.  This blog has gained great momentum and I’d like to share some of that traffic with you.  Of course, do not share your stuff here if you do not plan to support others here.  By joining our unofficial effort here, you pledge to…

  • Share the benefits, urgency, and highlights of any content you promote via the Support-A-Thon effort.
  • Never spam your links or the links of others.
  • Personally introduce content to the most interested, hand-picked targets.
  • Use StumbleUpon to Like content and share it to your network’s toolbars.
  • Cross-promote via a blog, site review, LinkedIn recommendation, etc., if you wish.
  • Leave quality comments on target content that will build conversations and add value to the content.
  • Introduce your favorite influencers to people personally, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other preferred social networks.
  • Promote the Support-A-Thon by using #supportathon where appropriate and perhaps blogging about it!

Link Building And Sharing Guidelines

When creating links outside of StumbleUpon (i.e. in blog comments, HTML-enabled profiles/bios, and discussion boards), it’s important to make them natural.  What is a natural link?  I’m glad you asked!

  • A link that leads to something relevant to the referring content.
  • A link with anchor text that describes the target content accurately and honestly.
  • A link given proper context so it does not seem like unsolicited spam or mere self-promotion (and people know what they’re clicking).
  • A link that adds value to the online conversation at hand.
  • A link that provides an action or connection that has been pre-approved.

Essentially, just like you are considerate and try to add value with your comments on other sites, you want to do the same with links.  If your links do not add value to content, have not been pre-approved, and break a site’s guidelines, chances are it is spam.

On the matter of pre-approval, most sites that enable links in comments, signatures, profiles, and other areas assume you know that it is meant to be used sparingly.  To avoid seeming like a leech, try to link to others and back to your top referrers more than you link to yourself.  Sure, this takes longer than other, more questionable link-building methods, but it ensures your links are not taken down.

So there you have it!  What a Support-A-Thon is and why you should participate.  I thought it was a splendid idea!  I love supporting others!  So please, post your information in the comment section.  Please know, however, I will be pre-approving the links in the comments so please, no spam, no “adult” sites, etc…

If you have questions or comments relating to something other than the Support-A-Thon link sharing, please post them on my Facebook fan page.  Thanks so much for your participation and support!

2 Replies to “Support-A-Thon: Submit Your Free #Backlinks”

  1. Awesome plug, @Knikkolette – you totally rocked this out!

    This effort is exciting because it’s an opportunity to get to know each other better, give us “little guys” a fighting chance, and do some social (media) experiments. The Support-A-Thon as a whole has been an effort to give empower and encourage each other more but this particular aspect will help us figure out what really works best.

    As it is, I’m breaking what some SEO professionals would consider a cardinal sin: link exchanges. This is why it’s important for folks to not merely post links but, rather, share their best stuff along with some descriptive text. Of course, the value in engaging people will far out-weigh any loss in “SEO authority” so share and cross-promote away.

    The key is to not spam and merely copy-and-paste content.

    Think of this link page as a way to create natural backlinks by way of reviews. We want to know why you are passionate or at least excited about your best content.

    Let’s make that excitement contagious (in a good way, of course)!

    You’re all AWESOME! =oD

    1. Thanks @Yomar, but you know YOU are the catalyst behind this movement! 🙂 I hope it goes viral and everyone cross-promotes in the manner in which it was originally intended because YOU are the ROCK STAR! 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the idea!

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