Social Media Strategy – Who’s Talking About YOU?

Who’s Talking About You?

As human beings we are curious creatures.  Many of us want to know what’s going on, who’s saying what, who’s talking about us and when planning your social media strategy it’s even more important.

First impressions

What is it they say? You’ve only got 10 seconds to create a good first impression.  Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or an individual, you need a brand that will create a good first impression.  This includes not only your logo, but it also carries across to your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook fan pages as well as your online marketing such as your website or blog.  I will admit, there are many sites online that I wish mine was more like theirs,  I guess you could say I have “blog envy”.    But, rather than dwell on the negative, I continue to make my site better because I know each week I will have new visitors.  I know I will make a good first impression to new people as I continue to make improvements.  The point I’m trying to make is regardless of where you are now; it’s never too late to start improving to make a good first impression.  Once you’ve got your branding taken care of you definitely want to concentrate on who’s talking about you!


I’ve discussed Twitter in previous posts.   I’ve talked about  how to get listed, get retweeted, get more followers, and be more social with other people who use Twitter.  Another important feature of Twitter many individuals and businesses overlook is researching their own brand.  Search your own brand name, or put a hashtag (#) on your posts when possible to find out who’s talking about you.  (i.e. If I wanted to search for CNN I would more likely find more tweets in a search with #CNN.  Then – when you’re big and famous like CNN or perhaps sooner – other people will also put that hashtag with your brand.)

who's talking

Some of the larger companies have individuals whose primary function is to search who’s talking about them on Twitter.  They will search either by using the brand name or a hashtag.  They need to do this throughout the day in case there are negative comments so they can quickly and publicly address the issue in a positive manner. (i.e. A customer has a bad experience with a restaurant, the restaurant is on top of their game and addresses it immediately by tweeting “I’m so sorry you had a bad experience, please contact our customer support at and we will be happy to address this immediately.”   The customer’s complaint was addressed, but more importantly, the customer’s followers SAW the complaint was addressed because the restaurant replied immediately.  That’s a GREAT social media strategy by listening to who’s talking about you on Twitter.  There are some tools you can use so you don’t have to stay glued to your laptop all the time, one is Tweetbeep.

That’s just one example of course how you can keep track of who’s talking about you online.  If you have a Facebook fan page, or a website with a customer support area or forum, hopefully any complaints would be posted there so public complaints could also be issued.  If you do have a Facebook fan page, you want to make sure you monitor the page closely so you can address the complaints and the compliments in a timely manner.  Regardless of what the comments are, your customers, followers, or fans, want to know you are listening because if you aren’t chances are your competitors are!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on my fan page or here in the comments section! 🙂


11 Replies to “Social Media Strategy – Who’s Talking About YOU?”

  1. Great video that explains Twitter hashtags and how to find out who is talking about you. I will be sure to share with clients who have no idea how Twitter works, have an awesome day!

  2. I hadn’t even thought of this, Knikki! I already have Google Alerts set up with my own name as a keyword, but I hadn’t thought of doing something similar with Twitter! It would be great if there were some sort of software that could handle alerts on all social media accounts even if people didn’t mention or tag us. =)

    Thanks for letting me know about Tweetbeep! It sounds super useful! =)

    1. I’m sure there is a software that monitors across all platforms, but not for free… I’d be interested to find one that does that as well! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Knikkolette, I definitely learned some things from this post and video. I also want to go back now and look through all the links to related posts as I know there are many gems I can pick up from you!


    1. Hi Jayna,

      I’m glad I was able to help you with this post and I hope you will go through the rest to see what else might be helpful. I appreciate you reading and commenting! 🙂

  4. Good post, Knikki.

    I’d add another thing regarding who’s talking about you. It’s the cake. You want people out there that are praising and recommending you by name and link. On their blog or in the comments they make at other blogs. Of course, you want it to be honest, sincere, and from the heart.

    I’ve found that the best way to encourage others to shout out about your awesomeness in their blogs is to include them in your blog. And if you want to encourage them to shout out about you in their blog comments on other blogs, shout out about their awesomeness when you make comments on other people’s blogs.

    Think of it as reciprocation plus (R+).

    I did that for Yomar Lopez ( ) here:

    My friend Carolyn ( ) mentioned me here recently:

    If you get to know my blog, you’ll notice that I mention my online friends often. Just like I did here for Jesse ( )

    These aren’t second rate back links either. [grin] They are prime link. It shows you really care.

    Also, I invite commentators on my blog to feel free to leave a link in addition to their comment – a link and title about a recent blog post.


    Recently on my blog: Empty-handed and Less Traveled Roads. And other social media

    1. Those are FABULOUS ideas Stan! Thanks so much for sharing! You can bet I will start implementing the R+ soon! 🙂


  5. Branding is important online as once you are on a lot of platforms it can really take off, first impressions do count a lot I have noticed this through several theme changes over the years. I have noticed changes happen each time I have upgraded my theme, the most significant one was just recently this year in February. My traffic and page views doubled within a month.

    Due to me purchasing a premium WordPress theme. It is very true, what you say, first impressions do count a lot. Probably more than we realise, thanks for the video explaining twitter hash tags as not everybody knows how to use them. I’m pretty sure that people will gain something from this post.

    1. Thanks for your views Mark – your opinion is greatly appreciated! 🙂


  6. Awesome post and very insightful Knikkolette! I had no idea about Tweetdeck! That’s really going to come in handy for me. It’s sure is going to beat checking HootSuite every five minutes or so. Thanks for that helpful tip!

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