How To See Most Recent Posts on Facebook

Are You Upset Facebook Doesn’t Let You View Most Recent Posts?

Facebook has gone through quite a few changes lately and because they have, many users are not too happy.  One of the biggest complaints seems to be that Facebook has set the default view of posts to “Top Stories, instead of “Most Recent”.  What does this mean?

Top Stories

Any post that you post yourself, comment on or like that continues to get additional likes and comments.  These posts stay at the top of your newsfeed.   The downfall of  Top Stories being set as the default, you may miss out on a lot of posts by your friends and family.

Most Recent

The most recent posts by the people in your network regardless of the activity on that particular post.

If you are one of those individuals who would rather see the most recent posts of your friends, family and co-workers, instead of seeing the same post at the top of your news feed just because someone has commented on it, here’s the easy change you can make.

As shown in the image below – all you need to do is go to your main news feed and click on the little arrow to the right.  You will see the option of choosing Top Stories or Most Recent.  As you have probably noticed like almost everyone else on Facebook, Top Stories is the default setting.  All you need to do is select Most Recent.

How To See Most Recent Posts on Facebook

So, what’s your stance on Top Stories versus Most Recent?  Do you prefer to see the most recent posts by all your friends and family or do you like to keep up with conversations? How do you feel that Facebook has again decided to make changes that affect the way we use their platform?  Has it changed your views about Facebook or changed how much you use Facebook?  Post your comments – I’d like to know!

7 Replies to “How To See Most Recent Posts on Facebook”

  1. I'd much rather see the latest and greatest of all my friends! Thanks, Knikkolette, I didn't realize I could change it!

    1. My pleasure Sharon! This option has been available for some time, I just never got around to making a video or writing a post until now. 🙂

  2. I think the idea between the “most recent” post and “top stories” is to know their difference. As for me when I browse in facebook, I make sure that I get to be on the “top stories” update since the idea of everything that is happening around me is being sorted out according to its relevance on how am I going to be affected about this (well not to be selfish, but we always ask the same question what is it going to do with me?”). I always believe on the saying that not all most recent gets to be on the top stories. Facebook definitely made the right move since it made me sort out what stories I am interested into and what are not.

    1. You are correct David – it’s important to know the difference between the two. While you prefer to be the top story in your network of people – many others prefer to see what others are posting. It’s personal preference. Personally – I switch back and forth.

  3. I also agree with what David says, I think the idea of how facebook made the recent update was pretty convenient for those who wants to know the latest stories around the globe. As for me, I don’t find credibility to stories that are posted in the “most recent” options since it will take time for people to talk about it for it to be proven that is something factual.

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