Have Your Social Media Efforts Stalled?

What do you do when your social media efforts stall?

It happens to everyone.  It happened to me.  Even with my outline of articles to write, I still get writer’s block.  When that happens, I get less retweets, or links back to my blog which in turn causes my Klout score to go down.  What can you do to keep this from happening?  If you are an individual who is responsible for all aspects of your business it may be more difficult, but I’ve got some tips below.

If you have an outline of articles to write that’s good, but nothing says you have to stick to the outline.  If you are hitting that proverbial brick wall, take your niche and relate it to your current situation.  For instance, today my car battery died so as you can see, I’m relating my post about social media to being stalled not only in the sense that I had writer’s block, but also that I was literally stalled because my car battery died.  It took that physical action to “jump start” my brain (pardon the pun).

social mediaAlbert Einstein said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you are finding your social media efforts are not changing  (and they can be monitored) then you need to change what you are doing.  Whether you change the time of day you are online, change the type of tweets you post, get more interactive with people on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.   If you were originally posting quotes and they did not get much reaction, try switching to something else that is more YOU, that fits your personality.  Remember, social media is social and not all business.  Don’t post 100% business and jump offline.

Try new platforms.  If you are only using Twitter and Facebook, sign up for Google+.  You would be amazed at the amount of exposure you can get on this platform.  It is easy to use, the search engines love it, so your posts will be crawled, and chances are a lot of your same friends will be there to introduce you to new contacts.  Don’t forget LinkedIn, even though this is definitely more geared towards business, it has its place and should not be ignored. YouTube is great for getting you viewed.  You don’t have to have a lot of expensive video equipment or fancy software to post on YouTube.  All you really need is your computer, a webcam, and I believe you can even use YouTube’s software, but I use Jing.

Frequency:  If you are only online once a week, double it.  If you are online 10 minutes a day, add five minutes.  If you are online 30 minutes a day, change the time of day.  Studies have shown the best time of day to be online is around 3pm.  You will note the link shows the study for Facebook, but the statistics hold true for Twitter as well.

Mobile apps:  If you have a smart phone like an iPhone or Droid you can install a Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter, even Linkedin application. Now you don’t have an excuse if you don’t have access to your computer or laptop.  You can now communicate with your online friends when you are waiting in line at the grocery store, why not tweet or post on Facebook?  I’ve seen people take photos of what they are having for dinner at their favorite restaurant and post it on their Facebook wall.

Join support and collaborative groups such as Kickin’ it with Klout on Facebook or Triberr if you have a blog and a twitter account.  If you are new to social media, groups like this can help by answering questions or help you get exposure to your blog, fan page, and more.

Have you heard the saying “A cobbler’s children have no shoes.”?  I like to help people. Sometimes to my own detriment.  I will “like” people’s posts, retweet and comment to the point I neglect my own blog or my own social media accounts.  This in turn can be looked upon as a negative because potential clients review my accounts.  Do you see where I’m going?   As a social media strategist, I need to follow my own advice (as many professionals do) and ensure my accounts maintain their high rankings, content and frequent postings.  As a business professional – YOU also need to ensure you tend to your own blog by writing your posts before socializing and interacting.   Don’t drain your social media battery by spending all your time on everyone else’s accounts and ignoring your own.  It’s O.K. to be social and help others, but you also need to ensure you maintain your accounts and your credibility.

If you have any more tips feel free to post them in comment section.   I always welcome feedback!  As always, if you have questions, feel free to post them on my Facebook fan page and be sure to find me on Twitter. 🙂



7 Replies to “Have Your Social Media Efforts Stalled?”

  1. Great suggestions and that was interesting that 3 P.M. is pretty much prime time. Einstein’s quote is one of my favorites, and sometimes, I feel I am doing just that!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Sandra. I know exactly what you mean about Einstein’s quote! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this motivational post, Knikki, and especially for those excellent examples and tips on how we can actually freshen up our social media experience! Through Kickin it with Klout and my Klout score, I’ve been paying more attention to how my social media efforts have stalled or changed. You’re so right that making those tiny changes in our social media patterns can make all the difference. For me, I see my Klout score jump up a bit whenever I’m on Twitter more often than usual, but I definitely want to see if I can make a difference through other ways as well, in case I don’t have time to be on Twitter as often as I’d like. Hugs and kudos to you for an awesome post!

    1. Samantha – you always have the most positive attitude of anyone I know – you are so welcome. I am grateful you read my posts. 🙂

  3. Hi Knikkolette
    Nice blog you have here and I can even see that we have some of the same online friends 🙂 I guess we all hit the wall sometimes where there are just nothing to write about, I know I do once in a while. That is why I always try to have a couple of blog posts ideas or maybe even finished posts in my drafts. In that way I always have something to post when I hit those periods without any inspiration.

    Thank you for a well written post.

    1. Thanks for your post Thomas. I also have a back-up of ideas and “drafts” of posts, many just don’t make the cut or were not “evergreen” and the topic is no longer current. I visited your site ~ very nice. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and hope you’ll visit often.

  4. I like your post! I’m generally brimming with positive feelings in the wake of perusing your articles. On the off chance that you have time,

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