Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret on Promoted Posts

What? Facebook not being completely transparent on their on page promoted posts? Don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook, and until recently I was duped and even used their promoted posts a few times.

Many Facebook page owners and administrators are careful to focus on specific target markets to build their fan base or promote a product or service.  That being said, they use their strategy to focus their Facebook ads to the same target markets. Wouldn’t you think, if you put that much effort to ensure your page reaches a specific market and your ads reach a specific market that the promoted posts would use that same information in their promoted posts? If so, you would be wrong.

This is where Facebook pulls the proverbial bait and switch. They offer this so-called great deal – an ad at a discounted rate – i.e. promoted post to reach thousands of people for dirt cheap prices $5 – $30. What’s the catch? A good portion of the audience is not even in your country of residence! So, if you are promoting to your target market, (let’s say for instance, I’ve been building an audience in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area) and I use the promoted post for $5 and it says it will reach up to 3,000 people. I THINK I’m getting a great deal because I’ve worked like crazy to build my fan-base in the metro Atlanta area.  Look who this ad actually reached.  Yes, the ad DID reach some people in the United States, but look at all the other countries!  How many of those 3,020 impressions do you think were actually shown to MY target market?  So, do you think the $5 investment was such a great deal after all?  Even though there were some reactions, comments, etc… if the ad had been more focused on MY target market, there would have been a LOT more activity.

So, the next time you decide to purchase a Facebook ad, make sure you pay attention to exactly who will be seeing the ad before you click that purchase button!

Have you purchased a promoted post?  What was your experience?

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    1. Sure think Amanda – hope you found them useful.

  1. Wise words about knowing where your target audience is and if your ad is reaching them. Hmmm, given I am looking to increase my international footprint, possibly using a FB ad might make sense.

    Thanks again for the advice,

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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