Facebook Places: A Stalker’s Dream?

I hate to be a “Paranoid Pattie”, but I REALLY don’t like Facebook’s new Places “feature” on their Timeline wall.  They used to have it at the top of your wall just under the banner as shown below:

Facebook tabs


You could hide the map by trading places with another item (see boxes or tabs).  Recently the “powers that be” at Facebook have decided to move the map or “Places feature”; the item that shows anyone you share your Facebook account with where you have been, on your wall.  You can no longer hide your map.   While some of you may ask “what’s wrong with this?” alarms go off,  and my “spidy” senses tingle, because as a social media person, I keep my wall public, and I friend many more people than my close family and friends.  I don’t necessarily want every person I’ve friended on Facebook to know the exact area I live, or the areas I travel on a regular basis.  So if you are like me, (rather be safe than sorry) I’ve recorded a couple of videos and written a few pointers for you.  Below is a list of items I’ve discovered that will show what causes those “Places” to show on your Timeline map:

1) Foursquare posts:  Whether you share them to your Facebook wall or not, if you check-in on Foursquare and take a photo then take a separate photo and upload it to your Facebook wall, it will add it to your Places map.

2) Mobile photo uploads:  If you take a photo with your smartphone and upload it to your wall, it MAY add it to your wall.  It depends on your phone and which app you use when you take your photo.  I know when I used Instagram, it did not add those photos to my Facebook Places… but that may have been because I did not check that as a default setting when I installed it on my phone.

3) Tagged images: If someone tags you in a photo, you guessed it, you will be added to that location.  (You can change this setting under Privacy Settings.)

There may be more ways you can be added to the Places map, these are ways I’ve found so far.  Below are ways I know you can remove yourself from the Places map and what you can do to keep yourself from re-appearing.

1) Remove the Foursquare app from Facebook.  I tried to have it just not post on my behalf, but that did not do the trick – I had to remove the app completely.  If you are unsure how to remove the app,  watch the video shown below:

2) Remove the mobile photo uploads:  There are a couple of ways you can do this, double-click the map locator until you see which post has the image(s) tied to the map, at which point you want to double-click the image again and delete each image.  If this does not work, you want to see which day the image is posted and delete it from that day on your Timeline. (see video)

3) Remove the tag from the photo: Locate the photo using the same steps above and remove the tag.  If you are unsure how to remove the tag, watch the video.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think Mark Zuckerberg has been contracted by the government to use Facebook as tracking software because people so readily give their information, and this program posts what a normal person would consider personal and private information on a regular basis.  What do you think?

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  1. First there probably is a low possibility that some luny tunes individual will use this information, but the real danger is from the government IMO. I think this was what you are also saying. while this may be true it is, I think, redundant anyway. There are multitudes of internet connected cameras, even in many private residences. Businesses, roadways, gas stations, they are everywhere. I consider it a certainty that some government agencies have the capabilities to break into any computer system anywhere and so most likely all internet connected cameras are being monitored by one or more government agencies. We all are probably being watched and recorded to a frighteningly complete degree. Our best defense, I think, is our openness. I don’t like foursquare and such, but our cell phones I think by themselves most likely give government agencies the capability of tracking us anyway. I think that we are the generators of our own reality to a large extent and so much of what is happening is an attempt to get people to fear these things and to focus their thoughts upon them. Such is our greatest danger. Is this why the bible in Philipians tells us that “…if there be any good thing, think on these things”. I think that we are seeing the turmoils that the bible speaks of coming in the last days and so we should look up for our redemption is near. We know of the wickedness that abounds, but have positive thoughts, let positive thoughts be what you dwell on and think about most of the time. Take action when you see the opportunity, but don’t fret about it too much otherwise. There is after all not much else that we can do, but it will be enough. Righteousness will win the day!

  2. Well, I again have to applaud foursquare on being the leaders here (both on LBS and on privacy/security concerns). If only Facebook stepped up and rethought privacy issues, etc. I just hope that people do not associate foursquare with Facebook and incorrectly point the finger at them.

  3. Knik, where is the trust? In today’s tech world, you can try to unplug, but those that creep will still find you! To many little digital foot and finger prints!

  4. Great tips and…

    Bottom line: Common sense, follow your intuition and crazy people if they REALLY want to find you they will.

    Do not live from a place of fear as what we focus on expands.

    Having done a reality show, modeled, spent year growing up overseas with body guards etc… blah blah blah…
    I can offer a few key tips:

    -I have never had my name on any buzzer or mailbox where i have lived and furthermore I have always had my mail go somewhere else.

    -My cell phone even though I own it, and pay the bill etc is in somebody else’s name, as nowadays cells phone bills and or numbers can be traced.

    -I always come for a place of safety, inner knowing and confidence no matter where I am, on the streets of NYC or in a Quaint town.

    -And if something is MEANT to happen it will so why be focused on that.

    Just my TWO Cents

  5. Well, if you think of it, yes, Facebook can be a stalker’s dream!!

  6. It’s waaaaay too much big brother!! I have never used foursquare for that very reason. It just seemed to intrusive. And, I usually don’t post fun pictures until AFTER I return home from an event. Where will it all end? Make it stop!!

  7. Understand what is getting posted and what the consequences are. Be careful and have sense.

    1. You are so right Harold – it is all about being careful and having common sense!

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  9. Hi,
    I am new to Facebook and twitter. One of my friends tagged me in places. I really wanted to remove that but I couldn’t remove. Your blog made my job easy. Thank You.

    1. You are very welcome Martin – so glad you found it helpful! 🙂

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