Facebook Marketing Conference: Infomercial or WHAT?!?


Like so many other social media professionals, I attended Facebook’s Livestream version of their Facebook Marketing Convention introducing the Facebook Timeline for business pages announcing they are available now and will be automatically converted March 30, 2012.  I won’t mince words, I was disappointed.  I was expecting to see them introduce new and exciting features not introduced with  Timeline for personal pages.  There were a few, but nothing to dedicate a “big event”.   Don’t get me wrong, I realize it was a marketing event, Facebook has to make money (O.K. – maybe they have enough) but they could have done without the interviews with the big muckity mucks from the major sponsors like American Express, FTD, etc…

In my opinion, they could have had an hour-long webinar to cover the new features listed below.

1 ) Pins

2 ) No landing pages

3 ) Changes to admin panel

4 ) Photos, apps, etc.. at the top of the page

5 ) Cover photo

6 ) Private messages between admin & fans

7 ) Change your fan page name

8 ) See which of your friends like this page

9 ) Real time Insights


Being that this was a marketing conference for Facebook, it’s not surprising they were pushing  Premium Ads, Sponsored Stories, Reach Generator, and “Logout Experience“.   A couple of Facebook reps showed examples of posts with sponsored stories, as well as their other new marketing techniques.  This comes at a time when so many businesses have  fan pages with little or no interaction and few fans.  Fan pages that perhaps have been abandoned because the business owners went in with unrealistic expectations.  Facebook comes in with claims these marketing techniques will be their saving grace.   Too bad most of these are targeted to the large companies.

What are the small to medium size companies supposed to do?  If you don’t have a staff to handle all the engagement they suggest for these Facebook strategies, how are they going to succeed?   Many small companies manage their own fan pages and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to this type of engagement.  They also don’t have the funds to hire an outside social media firm to do this for them.  Is this Facebook’s way of saying they don’t support small businesses despite their big presentation with American Express and “Small Business Saturday“?

small business

Now, let me say something nice:  I like Facebook’s Timeline for business pages and their marketing plans make it easy to create a strategy, and set up campaigns.   I think it’s an improvement visually, interactively and from an administrative standpoint.

Did you attend this Marketing event?  If so, what was your opinion? How do you feel about Timeline?  I know my opinions may ruffle some feathers, but I would like to hear from you whether you agree or not. 🙂

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  1. Hey there Knikkolette!

    I’ve never actually attended a Marketing event, but I do need to start attending these sort of network builders.

    If I attended the one you mentioned I probably wouldn’t have seen half the stuff that you saw. 🙂 I guess that’s why you’re the mogul. However, you gave a lot of great tips to look for if I ever get the opportunity to do so.

    I’m loving Facebook’s new timelines! On the personal front and on the business pages. I haven’t switched mine over yet, because I’ve been trying to size my header to fit into the cover photo. I may have to give up on that pipe dream though, because no matter how I size it, it just won’t fit. Ugh!!

    Anywho, thanks for all the wonderful tips you provided. I know it helped me, so I’m sure my friends and followers will find it of great help as well. So I’ll go ahead and say thanks for them, as well. 😉 Cheers! And have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

    1. I’ve only attended a few and you go in expecting to be sold something, that’s how they make their money, but with Facebook going public, they definitely tipped the scale with this event. I think could have provided more valuable content for the attendees.

  2. I expected that the keynotes would be “Rah Rah…we’re the awesomest”, so that didn’t disappoint me that much. I listened with half an ear while I worked.

    What upset me was being pulled away from the Q&A portions of the breakout sessions, as I have the feeling we missed some topics of discussion that would have been helpful.

    I guess we’ll see how we all feel after frantically getting all of our clients converted, huh?

    1. You are SO right Mallie, it was irritating to be continually pulled away just when things were getting good! That AND all the shots of the audience instead of the screen. REALLY?

  3. Excellent recap, Knikkolette. I didn’t participate because I’m finding too many industry events are sales pitches. The list of topics you listed covers exactly what I’d like to know.

    1. Hey Peggy, thanks so much for your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. Facebook is unrealistic to expect small business owners to hand over their credit cards to a company that has no apparent customer support. I’ll bet they don’t expect FTD and AMEX to maintain accounts without having access to a customer service rep.

    1. You are so right Angelique. Thanks so much for your feedback and taking the time to comment.

  5. Spot on as usual!

    There were some hidden gems buried in it but unfortunately I think they lost a lot of their audience along the way because of all self congratulatory nonsense.

    I too wish that they had kept the live stream focused on the important and interesting content.

    Having said that, I worked as I listened/watched so it was still time well spent.

    1. You know you’re right Kitty, I’m sure they did lose quite a few guppies compared to the big fish they are landing with these marketing “techniques” they’ve created that will increase traffic.

      Thanks for reading & commenting! 🙂

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