How To Change that Facebook Group Icon

I know you were wondering how to change that image – it was the first thing on your mind wasn’t it?   Just kidding – there are so many more important questions like the meaning of life, what does E=MC2 really mean?  But in this short video, I’m answering this simple question, how to change the standard icon on Facebook Groups as well as how to change the notification settings so your e-mail inbox doesn’t get filled up every time someone makes a post to those groups.  Enjoy!

How Much Do You Share on Facebook?

If you have a Facebook account you may or may not be concerned about who can view your information.  Many of us create these accounts and make posts forgetting who we’ve friended, or forget that people can see much of what we post unless we go into the privacy settings and make these changes. 

There are daily accounts of arrests being made, individuals being fired, etc… due to the content a user posted on his or her Facebook wall.  So – if you do have a Facebook account and are concerned about who sees your content, this short video will show you step-by-step how to make those changes.

Content and Social Media

When people say “Content is King”, it’s a pretty much a no-brainer, right?  But my recent discovery of @MarketingProfs‘ article,  “Content Fuels Social Media Interaction,” regarding the integration of social media and your search content definitely takes social content into a whole new level.  The article implies a heavy impact that this integration and combination has on how content is driven in this crazy web-based world that we live in.

A study conducted by AOL and Nielsen, this social media article displays the importance of the value that social media places in today’s communication and marketing efforts.  I’m really astounded by the data that this study aggregated.  Here are some specifics based on specific marketing channels (note: these are taken straight out of the article):

  • 42% of all Twitter posts contain content-sharing links; 73% of Twitter posts related to a specific industry (auto, tech, finance, and entertainment) contain sharing links.
  • 41% of all blog posts contain content-sharing links; 64% of industry-specific blog posts contain such links.
  • 12% of all Facebook posts contain content content-sharing links; 22% of industry-specific Facebook posts contain such links.
  • Email is the primary content-sharing tool among surveyed consumers (66%), followed social media (28%) and instant messaging (4%).
  • Consumers say trust and desire play a vital role in how they share information.  Formats of how these are shared include:
    • Link-back media: 60% of content shared on social platforms includes a link (URL) to published content on an external site.
    • Pass-along media: 36% of content shared on social platforms is embedded.
  • Think about this statistic: 73% of specific industries contain shareable/sharing links!!! And 60% of all link-back media are published on external sites, meaning that they are able to share it effectively and provides others access for downloads.

    I’m sure that @CocaCola had a very good reason on why they would take a big chunk (I think at least $50M) of their marketing budget to focus on Facebook and Twitter.  While that sum may not be applicable for smaller businesses, you can still benefit from leveraging your marketing efforts with your social content without breaking your bank.  Even with the smallest amount of budget, using your social content to your advantage opens up a vast portal for your company’s reach to expand within your industry and beyond.

    All it takes is time, effort, relationships, and LOTS of relevant content.

    View the whole article!


    How To: Adding an App to a Facebook Fan Page

    Here’s a quick video that gives you step by step instructions how to add an application to your Facebook Fan page.  If you happen to come across an application you want to add and run into a problem, let me know and I’ll be happy to figure it out for you.  That’s what I’m here for! 🙂

    Posting on Facebook Fan Pages – Video

    Have you ever seen someone’s post on Facebook that was a link back to their Facebook fan page and wondered how they did that?  Well guess what – I’ve included a video here that shows you step by step exactly how you can create the link on your Facebook fan page that links to someone else’s fan page.  If you have any questions after watching the video – just ask in the comments section.  I’ll be happy to answer.