How Many Klout Topics Do You Have?

klout topics

Klout Topics: How Many Do You Have?

A question was posed so I thought I would write about it today.  First let’s get to the basics.  Klout offers two types of  “influencer sashes”.  A top influencer sash is gold.  This is awarded to the individuals who influence people the most on a particular topic.  This is awarded by Klout.   Then there is the +K influencer sash which is blue.  This is awarded to those who receive a lot of +Ks from their peers on particular topics.  Some people even have both a top influencer and top +K influencer sash.  All  of which are shown below:

klout topics

In the past, Klout topics would appear based upon what Klout’s systems thought a person was influential about.  Many people found this to be unreliable because their topics would be random such as llamas, clowns, or perhaps a trending topic that was tweeted about for only one day. Luckily, users were able to remove those undesirable topics.  Recently, Klout has allowed individuals to add their own Klout topics… for a price of 5 +ks.

Now, let’s start the discussion about the number of topics.  How many are too many?  Is there a magic number?  I suppose it depends on what your goal is.  If your goal (like mine) is to to earn a gold sash, fewer topics is better.  Why?  Think about it.  If people come to your Klout profile and they can only give +Ks to a few topics, Klout sees you as an authority in those few topics.  If you have many topics – they don’t see you as an authority in any, so the chances of you earning a top influencer gold sash are reduced significantly.   I recently reduced my list to nine topics and am even considering reducing it more to increase my chances of earning that “top influencer” sash.  Many of you are probably thinking I’m crazy to even care, but hey – we all have our thing – right?  That silly golden sash – I don’t know why I want it but I just do, so if you are so inclined, I would like a +K in social media.

When would I choose to list Klout topics not focused to my area of expertise?  If I become a brand ambassador, let’s say for Acura, then, I would add a topic or topics relating to automobiles.  That would be one reason I would add a topic not relating to what is currently listed.   Who wouldn’t love to get a gig like that because of your Klout score?

I know there are still many of you out there who are down on Klout because of what has happened in the past, but I’d still like to get your feedback.  What is your opinion about their allowing people adding their own topics?  What is your Klout topic strategy?



Why Build a Fan Page If You’re Going To Abandon It?

I see it EVERY DAY!  A fan page with few likes and zero activity.  I ask myself WHY?  Why do people pay to have fan pages created or create a fan page and then abandon it?  Because they take work!

The average business creates their fan page and makes posts that are little more than advertisements similar to what you would see on any other push medium such as radio, television, magazine, or yellow pages.  They just don’t “get” social media.  Social media is SOCIAL. Yes, I said it!  They need to interact with their potential client!  So, when their efforts don’t produce the desired results, they give up.  They abandon their fan page because their friends, business associates, and even their family don’t “like” their fan pages because they don’t want to be bombarded with constant ads.  Gee!  I wonder why?

fan page

Below, are just a few things you can do to get and keep your fans:

1) If you have a client list, friend them from you personal Facebook account.  If you don’t want to use your personal account, create a separate business Facebook account for clients, business associates, vendors, etc… to friend for this purpose.

2) Reach out.  If it’s their birthday, say happy birthday, if they post something funny, like their post, if you like their post and you share it, be sure to mention where you got it.  Everyone likes to feel special.  The more you interact, the more likely they are to interact with you and your fan page, trust you, and convert to a paying customer.

3) If these people have fan pages, like them!  If you are the first to step forward and like their fan page, chances are they may reciprocate and like yours.  If you interact on a regular basis on their page by liking and commenting on their posts, chances are they will do the same with yours.

4) Post relevant, but interesting posts about your industry, that are NOT about your company.  People liked your fan page because they are interested in your industry as a whole.  If you are a photographer, they want to know about photography, not just about the photographs you take.  Post interesting photos, really cool photographic facts.  Don’t make your fan page a yellow pages ad about your company.

5) Post more than once a day. This is the biggest mistake I see.  The way Facebook’s edgerank works if YOU don’t interact with a page or person, then you won’t see them regardless of how often they post.  There are other factors as well. You need to test the waters and determine when your fans are online.  It’s going to be different for each business.  There is no “cookie cutter” template that works for every business.  Post during different times during the day and see when your fans respond and be sure to interact.

These are just a few tips that could help you increase your fan count and your fan participation or “talking about this”.   If you want more tips on what you can do to increase  your fan page participation, subscribe to our blog.

Do you have tips that have worked for you?  We’d love to hear about them! Share them in the comment section below!

Benefits of On-line Communities

What are On-line Communities?

If you are on-line for any amount of time, you may be a member of a group or two, or perhaps several that will discuss topics or collaborate with other professionals in your field of expertise.  If you are lucky enough to be active in these groups, you may have regular online chats, skype calls, or if you live close enough, even have had the opportunity to meet some of your on-line friends to discuss possible business ventures.

These are the benefits of on-line communities.  Many people, professionals in particular, don’t seem to “get” the concept of social media and the importance of participating in on-line communities.  They think if they log into a #tweetchat once or twice a week and RT someone’s post they are “participating”.  They also think if they join groups on LinkedIn, and post a few links to their blog  that also constitutes as “participating”.   If you want to know what it takes to be successful when participating in on-line communities, just follow these steps:
  • Participate regularly (Regularly is different for everyone – whether it’s once a week or every day, do what your schedule allows.)
  • Always have a positive attitude (Negativity breeds negativity and this is a good way to get kicked out of your community.)
  • Follow the rules (If there are rules, make sure you read them as a courtesy to all members of your community.)
  • If the group/community you join has a member roster, enter your contact info (social platforms, blogs, etc…)
  • Ask questions (Everyone was new like you once, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  As a general rule, people are nice.)
  • Have an idea? GREAT! Make suggestions, collaborate, this where the fun starts.  On-line communities are an excellent way to make connections all over the world.  You can also obtain clients with on-line communities you may not have gained otherwise just because you formed a relationship.

I’ve met some amazing people on-line through my online communities.  Some I’ve written about on previous posts like Keri Francek JaehnigDorien Morin van Dam, and Jure Klepic.  I’ve had several skype chats with Keri and Dorien previously and today had one with a good size group including Keri, Dorien and Jure as well as Greg Welch, Karleen Harp, and Jocelyn Wilhelm.

Prior to the days of social media and on-line communities, would I have had the opportunity to meet these amazing people?  Probably not.  Karleen lives in California, and while I’ve been to California a few times, I never met her while I was there.  Jure lives in Canada, and I’ve never been to Canada.  Social networking is an amazing opportunity if you take advantage of it by getting to know people and build relationships.

So let me ask you the hard question: are you getting to know people when you are on-line or are you just spouting information, retweeting and checking in to FourSquare?  Are you building relationships or do you leave your social platforms the same way you joined?  Not knowing a single person, not knowing if you are making a connection, not knowing if the time you spent was wasted?   If you can’t answer with any certainty,  I have a challenge for you.  The next time you go on-line, and every time thereafter make one new friend.  Just one. Say hi, ask them how their day was, how the weather is, anything.   Don’t try to sell them anything or tell them about your business.   Just make a connection.  Then let me know either on this post with a comment or on my fan page.  If you don’t have an on-line community in mind, join us at Kickin it with Klout or Kickin it with Kommunity on Facebook.  (You don’t have to have an active Klout account to join.)


Using Refined Twitter Search to Find Your Target Market


What is Refined Twitter Search?

If you use Twitter’s online application, you have probably used their search feature and either typed in a word or words and even used the hashtag (#) to help you find the content you were looking for.  If you were like me, you might have gotten a bit frustrated with the results because the output wasn’t quite as refined as you may have wanted.  Did you know there is a Refined Twitter Search that allows you to get even more specific search results?  You can search “all words”, “any words”, “exact phrase” and many more, but the one I like the most, I show you how to use in the video.  Learn how to use the Refined Twitter Search to find your target market!

Have you been using Twitter’s refined search?  Have you had success using the Twitter search feature to find your target market in your social media strategy? Share your results!

Tired of Twitter Noise? Try Proxlet

Why Proxlet?Proxlet

Twitter has become a gigantic roaring river of noise.  The more people you follow and who follow you, the louder the roar.  There are Foursquare posts, #ff posts that are no more than a string of @usernames. (This makes me sad, #follow recommendations should be personal, but that’s another post for another day).   Then you have the “pushers”, people who just post tweets no one reads.

If you’re tired of all of this noise, Proxlet is a smart tool that can help ease part of your frustration.  Proxlet can eliminate all Foursquare posts.  (Too bad Proxlet developers can’t see me jumping up and down for joy!)  I’m so happy you’re mayor, but I don’t care to read it in my Twitter stream.

Proxlet allows you to get back to what social media is all about, being social, interactive, and providing service.  Twitter should be a part of your social media strategy and tweeting your mayor-ship doesn’t apply unless you are trying to get Wendy’s as a client.  If you want to gain followers, don’t trick them, don’t spam them, just be kind and helpful.

Below is a quick video how you can add Proxlet to your Twitter account.

Now~ if they would only create an app for Facebook! 🙂

If you try Proxlet I’d like your opinion.  Do you find it useful?