My Writing Process Blog Tour – by Knikkolette

My Writing Process

When my friend Miriam Slozberg asked me if I would be interested in participating in a Writing Process Blog Tour, my first reaction was “No” – but after I gave it a second thought, I decided I should do it because I’ve been so busy with my “day job” and in a slump with my blog, perhaps this would get me back on track with my blog.   The tour consists of me answering a few questions, then passing the torch to a few other writers who will answer the same questions.   Miriam knows a good bit about Klout and you can read her post learn more about what she does.

1. What am I working on? Lately my time has been tied up with my day job.  I work at a company called Flex Imaging and I’ve been working on the company’s new website.  You can see it here   I have completely redesigned the site and really ramping up the SEO.  My writing process for this site is tedious data entry.  In addition to the company’s information, I am also adding all of the national service network vendors to the site (almost 300 companies) so you can see the time factor involved.  When the site is complete, it will be almost 400 pages.   I have also been taking the digital marketing into new directions with video clips, Facebook & LinkedIn marketing as well as many other social media platforms.  This is all new territory for Flex Imaging.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? There are other fortune 500 companies that have great websites and video clips, and a social media presence.  My goal is to approach it from the end-user’s pain point.  Flex Imaging does not require a contract so my writing process focuses on that.  Our video clips offer tips, and useful information as well as offer appreciation to existing clients.  I don’t want to just sell, but rather offer value-added information the end user will gladly share.

Our website, when complete will also freely share our national service network information.  It’s basically free advertisement for vendors we use in locations across the country.  By sharing this information freely, this not only shows we are confident in our company, but it gives the vendors we use a sense of good will.

3. Why do I write what I do? When I write on my own blog, I teach people what I learn in simple, easy to follow steps.  I’m a visual learner, so many times I will create a video on exactly how to do something.  I started doing this back in 2007 because so many of my friends kept asking me over and over again how to do something, and it was just easier for me to write a blog post how to do it.   I always try to write a post if someone asks me how to do something.

4. How does my writing process work? To be completely honest, my writing process is terrible.  Really really bad.  I don’t keep a calendar.   I have tried.  There are some tasks at which I am very organized – but for whatever reason, writing a blog is not one of them.  I work best if someone asks me to write about a specific topic or if I have a specific project to complete and then write about it.   And then there’s the pre-publish issue.  I have been known to hit “publish” before proofreading several times.  I REALLY need to proofread SEVERAL times.  I never catch all of my mistakes the first or even second time I proofread my work.  To be honest – I need to let a post “sit” a day or two and re-read it before posting it.   Thank you for reading about my process and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.  Be sure to share your links in the comment section so I can read your process too.

So this is my writing process, and now I pass the torch to:

Annemarie Cross


Money, Marketing and Mindset Business Coach – Annemarie Cross supports ambitious women entrepreneurs in unearthing and communicating their inner brilliance (their brand) so they can boost their credibility, visibility, celebrity and profitability.

She guides her clients through her Signature Branding and 6-Figure Success Blueprint and Signature Talk Profit Secrets programs – helping them build solid business foundations and implement key marketing strategies so they can stand out from their competitors.

She also supports clients break free from constant money dramas by helping them understand their Personal Money Blueprints and the negative money patterns that are keeping them stuck, so they can change their attitudes, beliefs and relationship with money to be able to finally generate more clients, more income and create the business of their dreams doing what they love.

Check out Annemarie’s Money, Marketing & Mindset posts here.




Keri Francek Jaehnig

my_writing_process_keriI am the Founder and CMO of Idea Girl Media, a Social Media Marketing Agency that works with business brands, public figures & non-profits to achieve social media success and positive online reputation. I am humbled to have received a 2013 Small Business Influencer Honorable Mention Award, and a commendation for Outstanding Attainment in Social Media from the Senate of the State of Ohio. My insight has also been featured at Social Media Today, SteamFeed, Search Engine People, and AOL Small Business, as well as at Forbes and Business Insider. Non-fat lattes, travel & quick wit make me smile, and I am always enthused to meet new people!







Barbara Farina

my writing process barbara

Barbara Fariña works in the area of telecommunications for over 15 years. Social Media Manager at Monopolize Social Media. Hard working woman. She is passionate about art. Promoter of music and art in general. Journalist degree. For Barbara there is no limit in communication. Barbara  expresses herself in a different way by posting photos in her blog posts.  You can see her works on her website.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Intern for Social Media

social media

Let’s face it.  social media is becoming more and more important in marketing your brand whether you are a brick and mortar business, an online business, a celebrity, a non-profit,  or something else altogether.  No matter which category you fall into, social media allows you to reach more of your target market for less marketing dollars than traditional marketing avenues.  If you haven’t started using social media yet, or have but have not been managing your accounts regularly, this post covers the pros and cons of hiring an intern to handle your social media accounts.

What are the pros and cons of hiring an intern for social media?

  1. Pro:  You can get an intern free or almost free.  Most interns are required to do internships as part of their college credit so you won’t have to pay the rate you would have to pay a professional.
  2. Pro:  Interns are usually more technically savvy.  Interns have been using the social platforms you want for years.  They probably have taken classes in many of the management platforms as well.
  3. Pro: Interns are not set in their ways.  Interns are usually younger and are open to new ideas (your way of doing things) whereas professionals usually have their own way of doing things.)


  1. Con:  Interns are only with you a short time.  Because interns are doing their internship for a class credit, they are only there a short time (unless you decide to hire them). If you decide not to hire them, you have to go through the process of training another intern.
  2. Con:  Interns may need to be closely monitored.  Although your intern may have years of experience on various social platforms, their experience is purely for personal and social reasons.  Their posts may contain inappropriate language, and represent your business or brand in a questionable or negative manner.  Unless closely monitored, they may spend the day tweeting with their friends instead of the tasks you’ve given them.
  3. Con:  Interns are not dedicated to your brand or company.  You put your blood sweat and tears into your company.  You would never do anything to tarnish your company’s name in any way shape or form.  Does your intern care if there’s a typographical error, or if they accidentally post a photo of them at a party drunk as a skunk to your account that should have been posted to their personal account? Very doubtful.
  4. Con:  Interns don’t know everything about your company.  The person representing your company through social media should know as much as possible about your company and your brand.  People will be asking questions about your products and services.  Exactly how much can you teach an intern in a limited amount of time about your company or your brand?
  5. Con:  Interns won’t monitor your social platforms 24/7.  This goes back to the intern not being dedicated to your company.  They are there for college credit and possibly a job down the road, but 24/7 monitoring is a lot to ask for someone who is probably not getting paid.

I’m sure you can think of more pros and cons of hiring an intern for social media.  Please be sure to share them!  If you haven’t started using social media as part of your marketing strategy start now.  Don’t take my word for it – read this post by Forbes.  If you don’t play, you can’t win.

Is your content COMPELLING?


I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta’s Digital Summit this week and it was the kick in the pants I needed.  I’ve had quite a writer’s block – and now my mind is swimming with ideas of things to write about.  One of  the main things I took away from this summit was Annalise Kaylor’s advice of making the content COMPELLING.  Annalise is the Director of Social Media Marketing at Intrapromote, and has been in the internet business since 1982 – her background is impressive to say the least.

bad commentsShe pointed out some obvious ways companies (and individuals) are “gaming” Facebook’s Edgerank – and how we shouldn’t do that – there’s really no value to it, not only that, but it’s so obvious in some instances, it’s insulting to fans.  (see insert)   Can you see how it can do more harm than good and how you could lose fans by making the wrong types of posts on your fan page?

What she said to do instead was to make the content COMPELLING, fascinating, significant, etc… By doing this, your fans will engage because they find your content worthy and interesting.  Not only will they find your content worthy and interesting and engage, they will tell their friends and your audience will grow.  You will build a community and if someone ever DOES have a negative comment about your company, service or product – this community you are building will defend you – stand up for you.

Annalise said your influencers probably aren’t who you think.  They are your friends and family.  They are the people with whom have conversations, and who share your content.

So – to recap:

  • DON”T Game Edgerank – it may get you more traffic, but it won’t necessarily get you the results you want.
  • Make your content COMPELLING – This is what keeps your audience coming back engaged and coming back for more as well as telling their friends about you and growing your audience.

Did you find this helpful?  I’d like to know!





What the Suits want from Social Media

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you up front.  The “Suits” or decision makers writing the checks for social media want results. They want to know the money they are paying you is going to give them a return on their investment.  They want honest answers for your expertise so don’t try to use a bunch of buzz words or throw a bunch of reports at them they won’t be able to understand.   If you want to be hired and be retained you need to do the following:

[list type=”checkmark-dark”]
[li]Give realistic expectations of what they can expect for your services.  If you are fighting to get social media implemented at your place of business, you need to let them know clients, customers, etc.. will not typically be knocking down the doors in the first few months.   It takes 3 – 6 months of consistent daily posting to see any type of noticeable results.  You do NOT want to post 6 posts on Monday and be done for the week.  This is a BIG mistake a LOT of people make when starting out.[/li]
[li]Strategy.  They want to know what your plan is.  If they give you a trial period, they will want to know what your plan is for that trial period.  If this is your job, they want to know what your plan of action is for the year.  Give them an outline of what your social media strategy is for the year.   I’ll write a post on social media strategy, but I’ll give you a tip:  don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy if what you are doing isn’t working.[/li]
[li] Focus on your target market.  Social media allows you to reach beyond the borders of your country, or it allows you to laser focus in on your region, your county, your demographic.  I use Facebook ads regularly and even though I target a VERY focused area and a VERY focused market, I still reach a good number of people outside that criteria because of the people who SHARE the posts.  That’s the beauty of social media.[/li]

[li]Start reporting from the beginning.  It may be difficult to get approval, but a company like SproutSocial offers the best reporting options I’ve seen and they don’t charge extra for every type of report unlike HootSuite.[/li]

So how did you do?  Do you have anything to add?  If so, please share with me here or on my fan page.  I’d love to write a follow-up post! 🙂

The 3 S’s of Social Media

What are the 3 S’s of Social Media?

social media

I watched a movie this weekend called My Best Friend, and while I won’t go into all the details, the short of it is about a guy who doesn’t have any friends (but claims he does) and makes a bet with his business partner he can prove it in 10 days.  During his “search” for his “best friend” someone taught him the 3 S’s of being friendly and making friends.  While watching this I realized, the 3 S’s apply to social media too!

1) SMILE! So you may be asking yourself how do you exactly SMILE on social media?  EASY!  Post positive comments, funny posts, make sure your avatar shows your bright smiling face! Of course you can also add the smiley faces i.e. 🙂 or :0) or even the big smile :D.  Then there are hugs and and other variations of affection.  If you have a blog like this, write posts that make people smile. (I think I need to work on that one!)  As adults, we have a tendency to be so serious, so business-minded.  It’s good to be professional, but let’s remember to have fun too and get your friends on social media smiling.

2) BE SOCIAL! You might say “Well DUH!” You’d be surprised how many people go online, open accounts, tweet about specials, or announcements, but never interact.  They spend money having Facebook fan pages created, and even make posts for a month or two, but when they don’t get the results they want, they decide it’s not worth the effort.  Social media is easy, but it’s work.  It’s simple, but it takes time to cultivate relationships.  Treat social media, social networking, social platforms in general like any other “real life” relationship and you’ll be much more successful.

3) SINCERITY! Even though almost everything is in print, people can tell a fake a mile away and they won’t hesitate to bury you in their stream or unfollow your account.  Sometimes being overly positive, or overly optimistic can come off as insincere (Yes – I have that problem – I have happy days and I really DO think people ROCK!, but I suppose I can see where that might come across as insincere if you don’t know me.)

Do YOU have an “S” you’d like to add to the ones I’ve listed above?  What’s the best advice you would give to someone in social media?