Do You Use Your YouTube Playlist?

YouTube Playlist

Do you use your YouTube Playlist?  You Should!

If you have a YouTube Channel, you should definitely create a YouTube Playlist to highlight your videos you want your audience to view the most. Otherwise, they will continue to move further and further down the queue and unless tagged properly, won’t get viewed as often as you want them to.  Why put your audience through the head-ache of sifting through your videos when you know your best content?

Here is an instructional video to show you how to create a YouTube Playlist:

The great thing about YouTube playlists is you can create several, show a few, or just show one.  It’s entirely up to you.  You get to showcase the videos you choose.  They are easy to edit so if you only want one playlist, you can add and remove videos as necessary.   Have you set up your YouTube playlist?


Is your content COMPELLING?


I had the opportunity to attend Atlanta’s Digital Summit this week and it was the kick in the pants I needed.  I’ve had quite a writer’s block – and now my mind is swimming with ideas of things to write about.  One of  the main things I took away from this summit was Annalise Kaylor’s advice of making the content COMPELLING.  Annalise is the Director of Social Media Marketing at Intrapromote, and has been in the internet business since 1982 – her background is impressive to say the least.

bad commentsShe pointed out some obvious ways companies (and individuals) are “gaming” Facebook’s Edgerank – and how we shouldn’t do that – there’s really no value to it, not only that, but it’s so obvious in some instances, it’s insulting to fans.  (see insert)   Can you see how it can do more harm than good and how you could lose fans by making the wrong types of posts on your fan page?

What she said to do instead was to make the content COMPELLING, fascinating, significant, etc… By doing this, your fans will engage because they find your content worthy and interesting.  Not only will they find your content worthy and interesting and engage, they will tell their friends and your audience will grow.  You will build a community and if someone ever DOES have a negative comment about your company, service or product – this community you are building will defend you – stand up for you.

Annalise said your influencers probably aren’t who you think.  They are your friends and family.  They are the people with whom have conversations, and who share your content.

So – to recap:

  • DON”T Game Edgerank – it may get you more traffic, but it won’t necessarily get you the results you want.
  • Make your content COMPELLING – This is what keeps your audience coming back engaged and coming back for more as well as telling their friends about you and growing your audience.

Did you find this helpful?  I’d like to know!





Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret on Promoted Posts

What? Facebook not being completely transparent on their on page promoted posts? Don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook, and until recently I was duped and even used their promoted posts a few times.

Many Facebook page owners and administrators are careful to focus on specific target markets to build their fan base or promote a product or service.  That being said, they use their strategy to focus their Facebook ads to the same target markets. Wouldn’t you think, if you put that much effort to ensure your page reaches a specific market and your ads reach a specific market that the promoted posts would use that same information in their promoted posts? If so, you would be wrong.

This is where Facebook pulls the proverbial bait and switch. They offer this so-called great deal – an ad at a discounted rate – i.e. promoted post to reach thousands of people for dirt cheap prices $5 – $30. What’s the catch? A good portion of the audience is not even in your country of residence! So, if you are promoting to your target market, (let’s say for instance, I’ve been building an audience in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area) and I use the promoted post for $5 and it says it will reach up to 3,000 people. I THINK I’m getting a great deal because I’ve worked like crazy to build my fan-base in the metro Atlanta area.  Look who this ad actually reached.  Yes, the ad DID reach some people in the United States, but look at all the other countries!  How many of those 3,020 impressions do you think were actually shown to MY target market?  So, do you think the $5 investment was such a great deal after all?  Even though there were some reactions, comments, etc… if the ad had been more focused on MY target market, there would have been a LOT more activity.

So, the next time you decide to purchase a Facebook ad, make sure you pay attention to exactly who will be seeing the ad before you click that purchase button!

Have you purchased a promoted post?  What was your experience?

K.I.S.S. Social Media

kiss social media

One of my first jobs out of high school was working for a small department store called “Anthony’s” where I was responsible for the store’s window displays.  The rule I was taught was the K.I.S.S. method or Keep It Simple Stupid.  Even at the young age of 18, I was taught, keeping a display clean and simple was the key to good sales.  If a shopper doesn’t have too many items to look at, they can focus on a few key items to purchase.  The same can be said to  be true for many things, including social media marketing.

With Twitter, you are limited by 140 characters, but so many newbies really push the envelope by using up every single character.  When they do this, they lose the opportunity of people retweeting their social media content!

Even with Facebook, statistics show social media posts that have 100 – 250 characters get 60% more likes, comments, and shares!

So, when you are marketing your product or service with social media, are you applying the K.I.S.S. method?

Social Media Emergency Averted

Have you ever done something, and after you did it wish you could immediately undo it?  That happened to me last week.  I read a blog post with great tips, nothing new.  Many times I immediately follow those tips because the authors are people I’ve come to know and trust their content.  What I didn’t do in this instance (and yes, it was entirely my fault) was read the fine print on a plugin I installed on my site.  When I installed this plugin, it “broke” my site by locking me out.  ACK!

social media

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering by now, WHY am I being so long-winded and telling you all of this and HOW does this make for a Social Media Emergency?  I like to think of myself as always being prepared for any emergency.  I have my laptop backed up automatically real-time to a cloud service called BackBlaze.  This is good, so if anything bad happens to my blog, (like this recent incident) I can restore from the backup.

This would have been a real emergency if I did NOT have a backup and something catastrophic happened to my site.  It’s a social media emergency because in my instance, my blog is part of my social media marketing.  I have new fans to my Facebook fan page because of my blog.  If I would have had to rebuild my blog from scratch, a year’s worth of content, links, and comments from readers and fans would be lost forever.

What should you do to avert a similar social media emergency?  There are several things, one is a site called BlogAid that can help you prepare.   MaAnna, the owner of BlogAid offers site inspections showing you specific ways you can improve it.  You’ll receive a thorough 20 point check including site security, plugins, setup, and SEO.  MaAnna is currently running a special with extended hours  February 19 through 26.

Of course there are the standard security plugins (which is what I currently have installed on my site) but after reading the services on the BlogAid site, those can be easily circumvented.  All of a sudden, all of my preventive measures aren’t making me feel all warm and fuzzy.

blogaid logoI’ve decided I’m going to have her look at my site just for piece of mind.  Even though I back up my blog and have anti-spam filters, and a security plugin, the peace of mind, just knowing that I’ve done everything I can do to thwart hackers, (and my own stupidity), well, you just can’t put a price on that!  So, if you want that same peace of mind, check out BlogAid at this link and have MaAnna do an inspection for you.

Tell us about your averted crises or perhaps you have a problem you need solved?  Be sure to comment below.

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