Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret on Promoted Posts

What? Facebook not being completely transparent on their on page promoted posts? Don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook, and until recently I was duped and even used their promoted posts a few times.

Many Facebook page owners and administrators are careful to focus on specific target markets to build their fan base or promote a product or service.  That being said, they use their strategy to focus their Facebook ads to the same target markets. Wouldn’t you think, if you put that much effort to ensure your page reaches a specific market and your ads reach a specific market that the promoted posts would use that same information in their promoted posts? If so, you would be wrong.

This is where Facebook pulls the proverbial bait and switch. They offer this so-called great deal – an ad at a discounted rate – i.e. promoted post to reach thousands of people for dirt cheap prices $5 – $30. What’s the catch? A good portion of the audience is not even in your country of residence! So, if you are promoting to your target market, (let’s say for instance, I’ve been building an audience in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area) and I use the promoted post for $5 and it says it will reach up to 3,000 people. I THINK I’m getting a great deal because I’ve worked like crazy to build my fan-base in the metro Atlanta area.  Look who this ad actually reached.  Yes, the ad DID reach some people in the United States, but look at all the other countries!  How many of those 3,020 impressions do you think were actually shown to MY target market?  So, do you think the $5 investment was such a great deal after all?  Even though there were some reactions, comments, etc… if the ad had been more focused on MY target market, there would have been a LOT more activity.

So, the next time you decide to purchase a Facebook ad, make sure you pay attention to exactly who will be seeing the ad before you click that purchase button!

Have you purchased a promoted post?  What was your experience?

K.I.S.S. Social Media

kiss social media

One of my first jobs out of high school was working for a small department store called “Anthony’s” where I was responsible for the store’s window displays.  The rule I was taught was the K.I.S.S. method or Keep It Simple Stupid.  Even at the young age of 18, I was taught, keeping a display clean and simple was the key to good sales.  If a shopper doesn’t have too many items to look at, they can focus on a few key items to purchase.  The same can be said to  be true for many things, including social media marketing.

With Twitter, you are limited by 140 characters, but so many newbies really push the envelope by using up every single character.  When they do this, they lose the opportunity of people retweeting their social media content!

Even with Facebook, statistics show social media posts that have 100 – 250 characters get 60% more likes, comments, and shares!

So, when you are marketing your product or service with social media, are you applying the K.I.S.S. method?

Facebook Fail: Timeline Ads



It turns out Facebook was NOT responsible for the recent ads that I saw and showed you (although I find it oddly coincidental these ads were placed in the same place  their planned ads will be placed).  Apparently, I had some sort of malware called “I want that” on my computer.   Looking back over the past couple of days, I have a pretty good idea what could have caused it.  I clicked on link from a guy I didn’t know on my wall.  BAD NEWS – I know better!

So here I am, I have egg on my face having to apologize because of my rant.  The thing is… Facebook IS planning ads in these locations from major sponsors.  The difference is, according to their conference, they will be targeted to an audience that doesn’t mind viewing them, and will have stories surrounding them.

I’m keeping this post live as a warning to those of you who may also get this malware on your computer… if you have Chrome and your Facebook Timline is filled with obnoxious ads, look for the following:  “I Want This!” ● “DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 <video>” ● “1clickdownload” ● I add to the list: “Premiumplay Codec-C”


♦ Chrome:
Click on the wrench, hover over “Tools”, select “Extensions”, click on the extension’s check box to un-check it.

♦ Safari:
click on the gear, select “Preferences”, in the “Preferences” window’s menu-bar click on “Extensions” and click on the extension’s check box to un-check it.

♦ Fire Fox:
On the up left corner click on “FireFox” menu, select “Add-ons”, in the “Add-ons” window on the left sidebar click on “Extensions” and click on the “Disable” button for any extension you’d like.

♦ Internet Explorer:
Click on “Tools” select “Manage Add-ons”, In “Manage Add-ons” window under the right column (“Add-on Types”) Click on “Toolbars and Extensions”, then in the left column, look for the extension, click on it and then in bottom of the window a “Disable button will appear – click on it.


Facebook has done it again!

facebook social media atlanta

Facebook has made a change, (granted, they did announce)  will enrage a good majority of their users.  There’s no doubt the huge corporations such as AT&T, Kellogs and other companies who are using these ads are loving Facebook because their brands are being forced down millions of viewers throats, but as one of those viewers, I’m not happy.  In their marketing seminar, they did announce where the ads would be placed, but in the seminar, they made it sound like the ads would be geared towards people who wanted to see the ads.  The ads would be associated with posts, engagement, or stories.   This is NOT the case.  I did not post about, nor am I  interested in ultrasounds yet I had a huge ad for them on my fan page.  I’m sorry T-Mobile, but I am NOT a fan, I’m a Verizon gal, yet I’m being forced to view T-mobile ads on my personal Timeline wall.  Then there’s the disclaimer, ” ads not by facebook” below the ads.  You had a big presentation about these in your conference, they’re on your Timelines, own up to them.  Facebook, if you are going to subject us to these ads, at least be smart enough to keep them targeted to a market that doesn’t mind viewing them.

I realize there need to be SOME ads, YouTube has ads – but at least you can X out of them.  This is not the case with Facebook’s ads.  All they do is switch the ads out every few seconds!  Also, why do the ads need to be so large?  They indicated there would be ads along the top and on the left column just below the top banner area, but I don’t remember them saying anything about a third placement on the right column lower down on the page!  C’mon, enough is enough!

I’ve asked around, and apparently, I’m one of the lucky few who get to see these ads.   Apparently, the new Facebook ads haven’t been released to the general population and I get to see the ads many others haven’t get gotten to experience, so I thought I would share just a few of these Facebook ads that I’m lucky enough to view.

Now that you’ve seen some of these ads, I’d love your feedback, good, bad, agree or disagree.  Tell me what you think!

Facebook Marketing Conference: Infomercial or WHAT?!?


Like so many other social media professionals, I attended Facebook’s Livestream version of their Facebook Marketing Convention introducing the Facebook Timeline for business pages announcing they are available now and will be automatically converted March 30, 2012.  I won’t mince words, I was disappointed.  I was expecting to see them introduce new and exciting features not introduced with  Timeline for personal pages.  There were a few, but nothing to dedicate a “big event”.   Don’t get me wrong, I realize it was a marketing event, Facebook has to make money (O.K. – maybe they have enough) but they could have done without the interviews with the big muckity mucks from the major sponsors like American Express, FTD, etc…

In my opinion, they could have had an hour-long webinar to cover the new features listed below.

1 ) Pins

2 ) No landing pages

3 ) Changes to admin panel

4 ) Photos, apps, etc.. at the top of the page

5 ) Cover photo

6 ) Private messages between admin & fans

7 ) Change your fan page name

8 ) See which of your friends like this page

9 ) Real time Insights


Being that this was a marketing conference for Facebook, it’s not surprising they were pushing  Premium Ads, Sponsored Stories, Reach Generator, and “Logout Experience“.   A couple of Facebook reps showed examples of posts with sponsored stories, as well as their other new marketing techniques.  This comes at a time when so many businesses have  fan pages with little or no interaction and few fans.  Fan pages that perhaps have been abandoned because the business owners went in with unrealistic expectations.  Facebook comes in with claims these marketing techniques will be their saving grace.   Too bad most of these are targeted to the large companies.

What are the small to medium size companies supposed to do?  If you don’t have a staff to handle all the engagement they suggest for these Facebook strategies, how are they going to succeed?   Many small companies manage their own fan pages and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to this type of engagement.  They also don’t have the funds to hire an outside social media firm to do this for them.  Is this Facebook’s way of saying they don’t support small businesses despite their big presentation with American Express and “Small Business Saturday“?

small business

Now, let me say something nice:  I like Facebook’s Timeline for business pages and their marketing plans make it easy to create a strategy, and set up campaigns.   I think it’s an improvement visually, interactively and from an administrative standpoint.

Did you attend this Marketing event?  If so, what was your opinion? How do you feel about Timeline?  I know my opinions may ruffle some feathers, but I would like to hear from you whether you agree or not. 🙂

Social Media & MLMs: Is Your Team Technically Ready?

In today’s economy, I see more and more people starting their own businesses, and of those a good percentage of them are MLMs or multi-level-marketing businesses, such as Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, or one I’m sure you’ve heard of Mary Kay.  This a good thing and a bad thing.  Many MLMs provide the tools necessary for their consultants such as a website (many times at an extra charge), but mostly these companies want their consultants to go out and sell sell sell, and build a “team” or “downline” because that’s where the real money is made.    The problem with this, is many of the distributors or consultants aren’t technically savvy, haven’t been using social media beyond the point of playing Farmville on Facebook and don’t know how to successfully leverage these amazing marketing venues.

social media & mlms

Here are some basic steps & tools to help you get your team technically ready to help launch their social media presence:

1.  Do they have basic social media skills?  Do they know how to post on their Facebook fan page successfully?  It’s not about the sell, (although that is the end goal), it’s about the social.  Some of the most successful Facebook fan pages are those by individuals not previously online, but just good at talking to people and sharing photos of their events.  Facebook is kinda like a family BBQ,  you go, you interact, share photos, a good time is had by all.  Twitter on the other hand, is more like a cocktail party.  You still go, interact & and can share photos, but the conversations are usually shorter and the photos aren’t shared as often.  I’ve recently been told LinkedIn is also a valuable asset to MLM distributors not only for making connections but for building teams.

2. Are your team marketing their target market or are they being too general?  Facebook is fantastic at being able to zone in to territories, or areas that are assigned to team members.  Twitter also allows you to follow your target market, through the use of their search feature.

3. Are they using tools that can help save them time such as TweetDeck, MarketMeSuite, etc…  These tools can help your team post to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, while monitoring the content as well.

These are just a few things you and your team can do, and a few hyperlinks to posts they can read and videos they can watch that will help them market their business successfully using social media.

If you liked these and would like to see more, stay tuned, subscribe and if you have a question that has not been asked, feel free to post it on my Facebook fan page.