How To: Rank Higher in Searches in LinkedIn

So you’ve created a LinkedIn profile, you’ve joined groups and post in them, but you aren’t seeing much action? This simple process will help you rank higher, perhaps as high as the first page of the search results in the “people search” section of LinkedIn.  I’ve provided five straight-to-the-point steps for you to follow to get you on your way to the top.

Step 1:

Your Headline is the first thing people see when they go to your LinkedIn profile.  This is where you need to have keywords that will be searched.

Step 2:

  Your Current Work Experience is what you are currently doing in business, so it is the next most relevant thing.

Step 3:

  Your Past Work Experience is also important.  You want to work from top to bottom  within your profile. .

Step 4:

  Your Summary is the meat and potatoes of your profile.  Make sure it looks clean but don’t just add a line of key words next to each other or it won’t do a good job representing who you are.  You want to represent your personal brand.

Step 5:

  Your Specialties is where you want to add a number of different keywords to showcase your talents in short phrases.

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Who Says You Can’t Make Real Friends Online?

I’ve heard so many people say you can’t form “real” relationships, “real” friendships, or build “real” trust with people you meet online.  I have to disagree as would at least a dozen other people I know (online) through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  I’ve formed friendships with people that have lasted longer than friendships that were formed with co-workers.  I’ve had deeper conversations with some of my online friends than I have with my “local” friends.  In fact I can honestly say, my online friends have offered to help in more ways than my “local” friends ever have even though they are not near in proximity.  I know without a doubt, if I needed or wanted to take a trip to a few different locations I would have a place to stay even though I have never “met” these online friends.

I’m sure you’re asking, what’s the point of this post?  As me move forward and more and more businesses take advantage of the internet and social media, it will be those few who have taken the time to build relationships that will build trust with their target market.  The companies smart enough to build trust are those who will have a higher percentage of customers.   Another advantage of building relationships with individuals, is you get to know their character, their work ethic, and when the time comes you need those skills, or know someone who does, or vice versa when they need someone with your skills, you have an upper hand.  I can speak from experience, as my first contributing author here on Your Social Media Mogul, David is an individual I met originally on Twitter, and now we have a working relationship.   Take advantage of social media and social networking.  There are so many people out there with so many talents, why limit yourself?

Are you a Social Media “Giver”?

It’s tempting to sit at your computer and post links to your website, tweet about sales and promotions because you don’t really know what else to do and then log off.    I see people do it to the point they don’t interact with me at all when I ask them questions in their twitter stream or on a LinkedIn post.  It’s not quite as bad on Facebook perhaps because more people use Facebook than any other social media platform.  With thousands of  new people opening accounts every day, it’s imperative we all learn how to be more social so I thought I’d share a few tips.

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Do You Have Online Conversations?

That’s right.  I’m calling you out.  Social media is exactly that.  Social.  The whole point is to form relationships, get to know the individuals in cyberspace as if you are at a networking event or picnic or cocktail party.  What you DON’T want to do is arrive at the party, spout random advertisements about sales your store is having, or talk only about yourself and then leave.   Whether you are logging into Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or some other social platform, take the time to respond to someone’s post.  Over a period of time you will  gain influence on that social platform and depending upon your input, credibility.

Difference Between Social & Spam?

Many mistakes businesses and individuals make when trying to be “social” is they post several times throughout the day, sometimes too many.  Believe it or not, posting too much can be as bad or worse than not posting enough.  With Twitter, as long as you post content that is interesting, funny or valuable to the reader, high volume is O.K. to a point.  Remember your followers.  Some of your followers may only follow a couple hundred people, so if you fill up their timeline with only your posts, that can be annoying- especially if they are not interesting posts.

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