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Who is Knikkolette Church?

Knikkolette first began using social media to market her art back in 2007.  She successfully sold her paintings and gained international exposure just by sharing tweets of paintings in progress.  She then started sharing with her friends she was also an interior decorator and her business continued to grow.  Her friends (and even people she didn’t know) began asking her how to do things on social platforms and on her website she created for her interior decorating business.  When the real estate market fell, she didn’t skip a beat.  Knikkolette started her blog and her Facebook fan page.   It was this social media experience that allowed her to easily transition as a social media consultant and owner of Your Social Media Mogul specializing Digital Marketing Strategies.  Knikkolette has experience giving personal and group training on social media best practices, reviewing existing social media practices and giving recommendations to individuals and businesses.  Because she has always created her own logos and websites, she has been contracted to help others with theirs as well.   She has also worked for companies the past few years as Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager and Digital Marketing Consultant.  She  If you would like Knikkolette to help you or your company navigate various social media platforms,  create a professional website, logo for you or help you with your company’s brand, feel free to call (770) 847-0838 or fill out the contact form.

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